Destiny 2 Coup De Grâce Mission's High Celebrant Rewards May Not Be Dropping

Bungie warns that completing the new Crow mission may not earn you the rewards that it should.


The latest weekly reset in Destiny 2 has brought a new quest, Coup de Grâce, where you kill High Celebrant, capping off an ongoing story thread in Season 12. However, Bungie has alerted players that rewards may not be dropping as they should. And now it's offering some tips to try to mitigate any potential issues you might encounter. Here's what you need to know if you plan on taking on Coup de Grâce right now.

"We are investigating an issue where some rewards are not dropping from completion of the High Celebrant mission," Bungie said in a tweet. It didn't offer any further specifics, but players on the Destiny subreddit have reported possibly related issues. That includes not receiving the promised Exotic ship, although it turns out this is due to the activity description being inaccurate. Bungie has clarified the ship has a rare chance of dropping, rather than being a guaranteed reward, although subsequent completions will increase the likelihood of receiving it.

You may want to hold off on completing High Celebrant, though Bungie will hopefully be able to retroactively hand out the correct rewards to those who finish it in the meantime. If you want to try your hand at it anyway--and who can blame you, with Destiny 2's story being in such an interesting place--you can talk to Crow on Tangled Shores to get started.

However, Bungie has also noted that armor rewards that do drop from the High Celebrant hunt are dropping with lower stats than they should. It doesn't offer any further information but says more will be shared "when available."

How To Deal With Coup de Grâce's Bug

In a follow-up the original tweet, Bungie has advised those taking on the mission to "slow down when damaging the High Celebrant." In other words, you don't want to melt through the boss as quickly as possible, as you might normally be inclined to do. Additionally, it suggests that players "wait a few seconds before shooting the black blight orb." These appear partway into the encounter after you follow the enemy and start the mission proper.

This weekly reset also kicked off the latest Iron Banner, giving you a chance to take on the Slaying Dragons questline. Though that isn't story focused like what you'll get from the Coup de Grâce, there are still rewards to be earned. You should also be aware that Bungie has replaced the Dragonfly perk on Cold Front for those who received it, as it was not intended to be available on the weapon and was causing issues as a result.

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