Destiny 2 Celebrates Moments of Triumph Along With Bungie's 30th Anniversary

Players can chase after two new Triumphs Seals for Moments of Triumph and the 30th Anniversary event.


Moments of Triumph 2021 is back in Destiny 2 along with the new Bungie 30th Anniversary event. Moments of Triumph is an annual event where players can complete new triumphs to earn rewards and a new MMXXI Triumphs Seal.

The triumphs for both seals overlap somewhat, and for Moments of Triumph, many of the accomplishments players might have already achieved this year, such as raid completions, will already count toward the seal. Here's what you'll need to do to earn the Moments of Triumph and Bungie 30th Anniversary seals, and what rewards you'll get along the way.

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MMXXI Moments of Triumph 2021 Seal

In-game rewards include new emblems, Elegant Guard exotic shell, Fractic Spiral exotic sparrow, the Call of the Cryptolith lore book, Reefborn Warbird exotic ship, and a Grasp of Avarice emblem. The Moments of Triumph incorporates some objectives from the Dares of Eternity activity, which is free to Destiny 2 players in the 30th Anniversary event. Those objectives reward the Anniversary Pose emote, and the Ultra Plasmic shader.

There is one triumph objective called 30th Exotics which requires the 30th Anniversary Pack. However, if you didn't purchase the Anniversary Pack, you can still earn the MMXXI seal because you only need to complete 28 out of 30 of these triumphs to earn the seal.

The entire list of MMXXI Triumphs:

  • Reward Emblem: Complete Triumphs.
  • Reward Elegant Guard Shell: Complete Triumphs.
  • Triumph Apprentice: Achieve Triumph Score 10,000.
  • Vault of Glass: Complete any version of the Vault of Glass raid.
  • Path of the Chosen: Complete all seasonal storyline quests.
  • Reward Fractic Spiral Sparrow: Complete 5 Triumphs.
  • T-Shirt Unlocked at Bungie Store: Complete 15 Triumphs.
  • Triumph Master: Achieve Triumph Score 15,000.
  • Wrathender: Complete the Coup de Grace mission.
  • Walk the True Path: Complete all Path of the Splicer quests.
  • Seeker of the Lost: Complete Wayfinder's Voyage, Parts 1 - 7.
  • Gambit Gauntlet: Defeat targets with Adored, Salvager's Salvo, Null Composer, or Ascendency in Gambit.
  • Trials Wins: Win 7 rounds.
  • Taskmaster: Complete 50 bounties.
  • Daring Displays: Complete 6 Starhorse bounties.
  • Strike Spelunker: Defeat 300 combatants with Adored, Salvager's Salvo, Null Composer, or Ascendency in playlists Strikes.
  • Crucible Contract: Defeat 50 enemies with Adored, Salvager's Salvo, Null Composer, or Ascendency in Crucible.
  • Ordeal: Complete Nightfall Strikes.
  • Repeat Winner: Defeat 5 final bosses in Dares of Eternity.
  • Special Guest Scar: Defeat Xur's Chosen in the Lightning Round.
  • Lost Sector Master: Complete a Master difficulty Lost Sector in The Dreaming City, Europa, Moon, and Tangled Shore.
  • Seasoned in Darkness: Collect 4 Aspects and 6 Fragments for Stasis.
  • Deep Stone Crypt: Complete the raid.
  • Graven Tales: Get Dead Man's Tale from Presage.
  • (Requires 30th Anniversary Pack) 30th Exotics: Earn Gjallarhorn and Forerunner.
  • Beyond Light Chapter 3: Hunt Eramis in Riis-Reborn.
  • Europa Hunting Party: Complete Empire Hunts.
  • Talon of Light: Complete the Let Loose Thy Talon quest for Hawkmoon.
  • Devotee's Remnant: Complete the Ager's Scepter catalyst.
  • Grasp of Avarice Complete: Complete the dungeon.

Vidmaster 30th Anniversary Seal

The Bungie 30th Anniversary content also includes a new Triumphs Seal that awards the Vidmaster title. It has 10 objectives, and six of those give in-game rewards. Players can get the Anniversary Pose, The Seat of Power, and Joyful Burst exotic emotes. The Ultra Plasmic shader and the Grasp of Avarice emblem overlap with the MMXXI seal. Players can also earn the Gjallarhorn ornament called Hraesveglur. Also, completing the entire seal gives a lion-inspired helmet ornament called Thy Fearful Symmetry. If you meet with Xur or Starhorse at Xur's Treasure Hoard to preview the Vidmaster triumph rewards.

The entire list of Vidmaster Triumphs:

  • Let's see what you'll be taking home: Spend 3 Treasure Keys in Xur's Treasure Hoard.
  • Repeat Winner: Defeat 5 final bosses in Dare of Eternity.
  • Old Friends, Old Couch: Complete Dares of Eternity of Legendary difficulty with a fireteam of 2-4 Guardians.
  • Paraversal Prize: Earn the exotic sidearm, Forerunner.
  • And out fly the wolves: Earn the exotic rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn.
  • Fateful Spin: Face each Wheel of Adversity's challenges in Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty. Mines diffused, Crystals shattered, Minotaurs defeated, Commanders defeated, and Blight destroyed.
  • Special Guest Scar: Defeat Xur's Chosen in the Lightning Round.
  • Daring Displays: Complete 6 Starhorse bounties.
  • Grasp of Avarice Complete: Complete the dungeon.
  • The Richest Dead Man Alive: Recover all 12 Wilhelm-7's messages from the Grasp of Avarice.

Moments of Triumph 2021 ends on February 22, 2022, the day The Witch Queen is set to launch.

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