Destiny 2 Black Armory Mystery Box Exotic Quest--Here's What To Do

Let the riddle-solving commence.

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Destiny 2

The Black Armory, Destiny 2's first expansion of the post-Forsaken era, is here, and players are already diving in to try to learn the mysteries of its four special forges. Those forges, which are scattered across the solar system, are part of the game's new activity, in which three players try to defend a forge from enemies. First, though, you have to find the forges and start them up.

There's more to the first forge, the EDZ's Volundr Forge, than meets the eye, though. Hidden just at the edge of the area where you fight to protect the forge, as Reddit user H1gash1kata discovered, is a cave with a secret of its own. Find it, and you'll discover a treasure chest that hides an item called a Mysterious Box, which starts a Pursuit that will end with an Exotic weapon reward.

To find the box, you'll first need to unlock the Black Armory mission that sends you to find the forge. You'll start by interacting with Ada-1, the new Black Armory vendor, in her spot in the newly added Tower Annex area. She'll entrust you with a Machine Gun Frame item, and you'll need to kill enemies to repair and calibrate it for the forge.

The calibrations aren't too difficult, with requirements like racking up Hive kills, multi-kills, and kills on "Powerful" enemies (so those with orange health bars or better), but you'll need to do them with a Power weapon--we recommend Thunderlord. Your first two requirements are in the EDZ; after that, if you head to Mars and complete the Flashpoint or some Escalation Protocol fights there, you should have the first three steps of the quest completed pretty quickly.

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Once you return to Ada-1 with the completed Machine Gun Frame, you'll get a mission in the EDZ that sends you to find the Volundr Forge. Follow your Ghost's tracker north from the Gulch and you'll find your way through Cabal tunnels to a location called Smidur's Cavern. Here you'll find the forge itself, which is a big, floating, V-shaped machine surrounded by Cabal guys. You'll know you're in the right spot when you have to jump a big chasm marked by a destroyed bridge.

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When you reach the bridge, jump to the far side (and clear out the enemies), then stand at the edge of the gap the bridge used to cover and face the forge. From here, do an about-face so you're facing back toward the far side of the collapsed bridge, where you came from. Look to your right along the cliff face ahead of you and you'll see a small cave opening, along with an obvious path of platforms to reach it.

Head over to the cave to discover the chest inside. Open it and you'll receive the Mysterious Box Pursuit. It has some weird requirements. The Pursuit describes four insignias on the box, each with a different lock--a fishhook, a butterfly, a hand, and a Black Armory insignia.

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The four locks correspond with each of the four forges, and indeed, the first key to the box has already been uncovered. Reddit user Esoterickk found that hidden within the Smidur's Cavern during a forge ignition are two drones, which appear during the second of the three waves of the activity. Destroy them and then complete the Volundr Forge and you'll receive a key, which opens the first lock on the box.

The Gofannon Forge, the second of the four forges located on Nessus, has a similar mechanic for discovering its hidden key. You'll find the two shield drones at one end of the forge area, where a big round piece of the Exodus Black crash creates a wall to the area. One of the drones floats around the top of the disc-shaped chunk of the ship there. You'll find the second drone to the left of the metal disc, near a cave opening that spawns enemies. Again, both drones appear during the second of the three waves of enemies during a forge ignition.

Since two forges have yet to become available, it seems we'll have to wait a bit to see the quest completed. All four forges don't become available until January 8, according to Bungie's content calendar for the expansion, so it's going to take some time.

There are other secrets hidden in the forges, as well. Players have discovered weird symbols hidden in the Volundr Forge room that are only visible through the sights of the Hammerhead machine gun, the first Black Armory gun you can make in the forge. Shooting those symbols in a specific order unlocks the special Rasmussen's Gift emblem, as Esoterickk shows in this video.

We'll update this post as soon as we discover any other mysteries in the forges--but feel free to leave any tips or amazing discoveries about either the Mysterious Box or The Black Armory in the comments below.

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