Destiny 2: Beyond Light Story Trailer Reveals The Power Of The Darkness

Guardians won't be the only species in the solar system wielding Stasis energies in Destiny 2's next expansion.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light will add plenty of new content to developer Bungie's sandbox, with one of the primary draws being the ability to finally wield the power of the Darkness. While Guardians can harness Stasis energies to wreak havoc on their enemies, they won't be the only life-forms capable of doing so.

A new story trailer for the expansion has revealed that a gathering of Fallen has also been gifted with those dark powers.

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Bungie has also posted character descriptions on its site, detailing the enemies and allies who you'll encounter, such as the new Fallen Kell Eramis, her lieutenants, and a few other familiar faces.

Beyond Light Characters


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The deadly Kell of Darkness seeks to restore the glory of her people. To exact revenge on the Traveler for abandoning them. To forge Eliksni culture anew, free from the weight of its past. Now imbued with the power of Stasis, she has found the ultimate tool to achieve her aims.

House Salvation Elites

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Eramis's lieutenants - Atraks, Kridis, Phylaks, Praksis. The highest-ranking and most trusted subjects of the Fallen Kell of Darkness. Skilled Stasis wielders, they are as lethal as they are loyal; potent foes who will stop at nothing to advance Eramis's cause.


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After helping Uldren Sov escape the Prison of Elders, Variks has only recently emerged from hiding. An uneasy ally in the fight against Eramis, he is a shrewd opportunist who wants to do good, even if his choices are always suspect.

The Exo Stranger

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The mysterious Exo has not been seen since the fall of the Black Garden. With exceptional insight into the future, she has made Europa her home. Her experience will guide Guardians' understanding of the power of Stasis.

Eris Morn

A survivor of unspeakable horrors, Eris is a former Hunter who has dedicated her life to understanding – and defeating – the Darkness. Now she answers The Exo Stranger's call… and the lure of Stasis.


Smooth talker. Scavenger. Hustler. The Drifter is all of these things and more. A Lightbearer from the earliest days of the Last City, he has long boasted of his connection to the Darkness. For him, it's not about right or wrong. It's about survival.

Players will utilize one of three distinct new subclasses in Beyond Light, such as the Warlock Shadebinder, Titan Behemoth, or Hunter Revenant. If those deadly new powers don't work you can always rely on good old-fashioned firepower to get the job done, now that Bungie has revealed a new selection of Exotic weapons and armor.

Beyond Light will launch on November 10 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia, with Destiny 2 also being available through backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 on launch day for those consoles, receiving new graphical enhancements in the process. Next-gen upgrades will add more optimizations to Destiny 2 in December, further increasing the visual quality, frame rate, and adding even quicker load times.

A Little More Background

The story of the Season of Arrivals, which is wrapping up with Beyond Light, is all setup for Europa. We've known the Darkness was on its way since the end of the Destiny 2 vanilla campaign, but the arrival of the force that created the Collapse (or, at least, we think created the Collapse) wasn't the all-out war we might have expected. Instead, the Darkness showed up and offered ... gifts. Powerful, easy-to-earn weapons and armor, with messages suggesting that we've been working for the wrong side by fighting for the Light all this time.

At the end of Arrivals, the Darkness suggested we head to Europa to find a new form of power, which we assume is Stasis. A group of Fallen have gotten there first, and it seems our old buddy Variks is not happy about the development. Variks's story is an interesting one--though it's not immediately apparent unless you gather and read all the related lore, Variks was responsible for a lot of the events of the Forsaken expansion. He's the guy who released Uldren Sov, the brother of the Awoken queen Mara Sov, from the Prison of Elders. In effect, Variks is the reason Cayde-6 was killed.

Variks was called "The Loyal" for betraying his people to serve the Awoken queen. But the situation is a little more complex than that. Variks has always been working to save his people, the Eliksni. He wants to help them regain their strength, not to become a conquering power, but to avoid extinction and perhaps find peace. So while Variks double-crossed the Awoken in releasing Uldren, he did so with good intentions.

It's also not out of the realm of possibility that Variks's actions are all part of the plans of Mara Sov, who has been making moves in the background ever since her apparent death in Destiny 1's The Taken King expansion. In Forsaken, we discovered that Mara was still alive in the Ascendant Plane, working to fight Savathun, the sister of Oryx, and seemingly prepare for the Darkness. We also know Mara worked closely with Eris Morn, another key figure in Beyond Light. Eris seems to be an agent of Mara and her overarching scheme, so it seems possible there might be going on with Variks than we've learned so far.

Who knows what we're going to learn on Europa, but Arrivals dealt closely with Savathun--the key behind-the-scenes villain of the Forsaken expansion--while also expanding our understanding of the Darkness, at least a little. The introduction of Stasis powers makes it seem like Guardians being pulled to the dark side, the way characters like Dredgen Yor have been in the past, might be something we see become a big part of the game's ongoing plot. On November 10, we'll finally learn what's waiting beneath Europa's ice.

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