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Destiny 2: Beyond Light -- How Stasis Sub-Class Customization Works

Aspects and Fragments will give Guardians some crazy new powers to control the battlefield with.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light will introduce three new sub-classes when it launches in November, with each power-up focusing on assisting other players and controlling the flow of combat. Hunters can access the Revenant sub-class and Titans can tap into the power of Behemoths, while Warlocks will be able to channel the Stasis energies of Shadebinders.

Bungie revealed in a blog post more details on the new Warlock subclass, which specializes in the art of immobilizing enemies and then shattering them with Stasis energy. Warlocks can also wield a Stasis staff that fires energy projectiles or get up close and personal with enemies, freezing them in place with Penumbral Blast melee attacks.

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Stasis sub-classes will also have an exclusive benefit in the form of Aspects and Fragments. Aspects are class-specific physical items that can be slotted into your inventory. Once equipped, Aspects will unlock new abilities, that can also be freely mixed and matched. Fragments, which aren't locked to specific classes, can be added to these Aspects and offer passive perks at the cost of a stat penalty.

How Aspects and Fragments can be combined, will be up to players. One example that Bungie described was the Frostpulse Aspect, which augments a Warlock Rift ability, freezing any enemies who come into range. Frostpulse can also be further augmented, such as with the Whisper of Refraction Fragment. Once it has been added, Warlock guardians will then replenish some of their class ability energy whenever an enemy is shattered in combat. The cost of using this second Fragment is a slight reduction in Intellect and Discipline.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Shadebinder
Destiny 2: Beyond Light Shadebinder

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to add Beyond Light to their collection in November, along with the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions. Announced yesterday alongside several other games that'll arrive in September, the Game Pass additions don't have a final release date for when they'll land on Microsoft's subscription service other than "soon".

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