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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Expansion Will Let You Wield Darkness

Bungie outlined its next big expansion on a livestream, showing off some upcoming major moves for the story and changes in gameplay.


Destiny 2's next big chapter, called Beyond Light, is coming in the fall, and it's poised to make some major changes to the game. Bungie revealed a bunch of details on its livestream, which included some details that players had guessed based on teasers for the expansion and other rumors.

Beyond Light is due this fall with the start of the fourth year of Destiny 2 content. As shown in Bungie's teaser trailers for the livestream that revealed it, the expansion will add a new destination: Europa, the moon of Jupiter. It'll also focus heavily on the arrival of the Pyramid ships that's been teased since the end of Destiny 2's vanilla story campaign. We also know the expansion is coming on September 22, 2020.

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Bungie noted that Beyond Light will come with an all-new power for players: Stasis, a power born from the force known in the Destiny world as Darkness. Stasis joins the current three elemental powers--Arc, Solar, and Void--and will provide players with new Supers and abilities to use against enemies.

The story of the expansion will focus heavily on the aliens known as the Fallen. They've been scattered and disorganized for quite a while now, but they'll be reuniting on Europa under a new leader called Eramis, and it sounds like they'll also be wielding the Darkness--which probably means they'll have new powers for players to contend with. According to director Luke Smith, Eramis wants revenge against the Traveler for abandoning the Fallen centuries earlier.

We also found out that Beyond Light will continue the story of the Exo Stranger, a character we haven't seen since the vanilla story campaign of Destiny 1. We also found out about Destiny 2's next raid, which will take place in a location called Deep Stone Crypt. That's a spot that's been teased in Destiny lore for a while. It's the birthplace of the Exo race, who are humans like Cayde-6 who've had their minds transferred into robot bodies. We don't know what went on in Deep Stone, but story hints have suggested it was not a nice place to be--and we'll finally be there to find out for ourselves.

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