Destiny 2 Beta's Toughest Section Is Easier In The Full Game

Don't feel bad--the turbine arms got director Luke Smith a few times, too.


Destiny 2's beta has wrapped up, and the full version's release is now just over a month away. Because the beta is based on a months-old version of the game, one complaint about it--a shortage of Heavy Weapon ammo--was revealed to be something that has already been fixed. Now, another problem area for some players has also been confirmed as something that's been resolved.

Among the content available in the beta is the first story mission, Homecoming. This features a segment where you're tasked with overloading a generator by shooting specific spots on it. Despite there being no enemies around, this led to countless deaths and proved to be perhaps the single hardest section of a beta that also features a boss battle at the end of a Strike. This is thanks to two rotating turbine arms that kill you when they come into contact with you. But as it turns out, you won't have to deal with two of them in the full game.

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Speaking on the Namek vs. Saiyan podcast (via Polygon), game director Luke Smith was asked about whether Bungie anticipated this area being so difficult. "I was surprised by the turbine, because there's only one turbine in the shipping game," he said. "I was surprised to see two of 'em."

Smith noted that even he had even fallen victim to the turbine in the course of playing. He added, "That's a great example of something that we implemented, we found it to be too challenging--especially for that opening sequence of the game--and in the shipping game, we removed it. There's one spinning turbine instead of two."

Earlier in the interview, Smith reiterated what we had previously heard, which was that this beta was more "a test of of our technology … and less of a test of our game design because the content is a few months old." Perhaps in response to some of the other criticisms of the beta, he also noted that key elements, like progression, were rendered inaccessible, and that certain things--such as the core game loop--have been kept secret.

Destiny 2 is slated for release on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC version following on October 24. Players who pre-order will net themselves an Exotic weapon.

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