Destiny 2 Bad Juju: How To Start The Exotic Quest

Pay tribute to your accomplishments.


Destiny 2's latest patch, Update, added something unexpected to the game in addition to Moments of Triumph and killing the Menagerie chest glitch: Bad Juju. The Exotic pulse rifle is the latest to appear in the game, following Lumina, a new hand cannon that can heal your teammates, and Truth, the Destiny 1 rocket launcher. Getting Bad Juju isn't too difficult if you're dedicated (or carrying a lot of resources); here's where to start on the path to unlock the new gun.

Bad Juju is tied to a new location added to the game in the latest patch, called the Tribute Hall. You'll find it on the Leviathan, but you can't access it right away. First, you'll need to visit Werner 99-40, the Calus quest giver who hangs out on the Barge on Nessus.

Where To Start The Quest

Head to the Watcher's Grave area of Nessus to board the Barge. When you head to Werner, you'll see what you're looking for: a brand-new treasure chest standing beside him. Open it and you'll receive an Imperial Invitation, which starts you on the quest for Bad Juju.

Once you have the Imperial Invitation, you'll unlock access to the Tribute Hall. Find it on the Director's Destination screen, on the map for Nessus--it'll be right next to the icon that lets you enter the Menagerie. When you find it, you'll need to talk to the big statue there called the Visage of Calus. When you do, you'll gain access to a new set of bounties called Champion. Bounties. Completing one kicks off the quest in earnest, which requires you to fill the Tribute Hall with statues commemorating your accomplishments.

Complete the quest and you'll unlock Bad Juju, a pulse rifle that charges your Super and does increased damage as you land kills. There's also an Exotic Catalyst for the gun that makes it even more effective--but you'll need to earn some 40 tributes in the Tribute Hall in order to unlock it.

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