Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge Location (Oct. 16-23): Where To Go And What To Do Guide

We're back to the first Ascendant Challenge; here's how to complete it.

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Destiny 2

With the weekly reset comes another Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2: Forsaken. However, it appears that we've now seen every different version of this activity included in Forsaken, as we're back to the original Week 1 version of the event. Here's where to go and what to do. [Update: It's now Monday, making this your last chance to tackle this Ascendant Challenge before it cycles through again in just over a month.]

As always, the Ascendant Challenge starts out with acquiring the corresponding bounty from Petra in the Dreaming City. You'll also need a Tincture of Queensfoil, a consumable item you can earn by taking part in certain activities in the Dreaming City (or you can outright buy one). Once you have both the bounty and a Tincture, you'll head to a Lost Sector, Aphelion's Rest, which is located in The Strand, just beneath the area where Petra is sometimes found. Using a Tincture will grant you a buff, Ascendance, that allows you to see a Taken portal. This one is located partway through the Lost Sector, atop a hill--it's hard to miss if you've used your Tincture.

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Jumping into the portal takes you to the Ascendant Plane's Ouroborea. There, you'll have to explore the area to find four different blights. Enter the dome and destroy its core; you'll know you've done it when it disappears and the text "a seal breaks" pops up in the bottom-left corner. Once you've dealt with all the blights, you'll go back toward the center to destroy crystals (whose protective shield has been temporarily dropped). Just beware the knights who will chase you around as you do this--your best bet is to keep moving in a circle, which should let you destroy the crystals without allowing the knights to get too close.

Although the chest is unlikely to have any worthwhile rewards, finishing the Ascendant Challenge also completes the bounty you picked up from Petra. That rewards you with a piece of Powerful gear that is highly desirable, making this all worth the trouble, provided you're capable of getting it done. If you want an Exotic, you can head over to Xur.

Although this Ascendant Challenge is not a new one, there is a lot happening in Destiny 2 right now. Iron Banner is back for this week, and a new update has been released. Most importantly, though, Festival of the Lost is now active until November 6, bringing a new Haunted Forest activity, new rewards, and more to take part in.

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