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Destiny 2 Art Reportedly Leaks From Taken King Artist

Once more, with feeling.


Destiny's next expansion, Rise of Iron, launches in September, and most of the buzz around Bungie's shooter is around the new content coming. However, we now also have reason to think about a full Destiny sequel: a concept artist has leaked images that are allegedly from Destiny 2.

As discussed in this Reddit thread, Aziz Dosmetov, an artist who worked with Bungie on art for Destiny's last expansion, The Taken King, posted art on Behance that he described as from Destiny 2. As you see below, it appears that these images are from a trailer (flip quickly between the last few, and they look like video frames).

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Some of the first images seem only vaguely Destiny-related--after all, the first game doesn't have that much to do with shields and swords--but you can clearly see in later images the Traveler hovering over Earth, and the characters seem similar to Guardians.

The artist's page is now gone, but you can still see it with the help of a web archive. There's not much way to verify these images without Bungie's input, but we have reached out to the studio for comment.

As for Rise of Iron, the expansion launches on September 20 for PS4 and Xbox One. You can read a lot more about its additions and changes here.

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