Destiny 2 Anti-Cheat Software Unfairly Banned Players, A Fix And Ban Reversals Are On The Way

Human error related to the new anti-cheat caused the bans.


According to Bungie, human error related to new cheat detection software caused incorrect bans to occur in Destiny 2.

The Bungie Help account posted the news on Twitter on October 3. The tweet also stated that the new cheat detection has since been turned off. The software will remain off until the error is found and the related unbans go through. However, the preexisting anti-cheat measures are still in effect, ensuring cheaters will not run rampant in the meantime.

The tweet offers no further details of what the error was, what specifically caused it or if unjustly banned players will receive compensation. However, the tweet does promise that the upcoming This Week At Bungie will contain more details concerning the error and upcoming fixes.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie identified a fix for the Gyrfalcon's Hauberk Hunter Exotic, which will be rolling out in mid-October. This week saw the release of a new patch which addressed frustrations with weapon crafting in the ongoing Season of Plunder. Players can also now tackle the Week 7 Season challenges. With the upcoming closure of Google Stadia, Bungie in now looking into "next steps" for Stadia-dependent Destiny 2 players and will announce a plan once it has one.

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