Destiny 2 Annual Pass Adds New Content And Activities Through Summer 2019

Bungie announces a "new way" to deliver content in the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game.

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Bungie's Destiny 2 Forsaken livestream revealed more than just what's coming in this fall's big DLC expansion. Beyond that, the developer announced a new paid offering for the game called the Annual Pass. This will include three updates, beginning with Black Armory in Winter 2018, followed by Joker's Wild in Spring 2019, and Penumbra in Summer 2019.

During the livestream, Bungie said this is a "new way for us to deliver content," with the idea being that Bungie will release content faster than before. Bungie has in the past been criticised for not releasing content fast enough and not making the end-game compelling enough.

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To that end, Destiny 2's new content updates will add more endgame challenges, as well as new weapons, armor, and vanity rewards to collect. There will also be new and returning Exotics, along with new Pinnacle activities (which are said to be extra-challenging) and more Triumph records to collect. There will also be more lore to discover.

During the stream, Bungie community manager David Dague stressed again and again that the new Annual Pass content is not to be thought as being similar to Destiny 2's big expansions like Warmind and Forsaken.

Forsaken will cost $40 by itself, and Bungie will also sell a Forsaken + Annual Pass bundle for $70, which suggests that the Annual Pass will go for around $30 by itself. An $80 Digital Deluxe edition featuring Forsaken, the Annual Pass, and even more content will be available for $80.

For more on today's Destiny 2 Forsaken livestream, check out our recent news stories below.

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Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Glad I got over this game after a month.

Avatar image for sweet_jcs

Yup, I'm done. Maybe I'll pick up Destiny 2 complete edition right before Destiny 3 comes out.

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I don't get why people are flipping out over this. The way Bungie talked about it, the Annual Pass sounds like its replacing the usual December/May $20 DLCs. Everybody complained after Taken King that it took a year to get Rise of Iron ... isn't regular content updates a good thing?

Moderator Online
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@Mogan: People flip over this because they are tired of being ripped off by Bungie.

Avatar image for mogan

@Pupchu: By that logic, anything Bungie puts out for sale is grounds for freaking out. Why is this specific thing so bad?

Moderator Online
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This pushed me over the edge. Bungie, you're not getting a single dime of me anymore. For any of your games.

Avatar image for Pupchu

Wow! Just... WOW!

Avatar image for santinegrete

Expansions from a side and passes from the other. The game just keeps asking for money. Do some people really have more fun buying content that the hours playing it?

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1. Make money <--this is a biggie!

2. Make MORE money (for our overlords)

3. Find new and creative ways to charge more money. (I suggest workshops!) (Only if there is pizza) *I'll bring the beer!

4. Make the game good (Only on weekends) *I expect MAJOR overtime for that ##Pfft...I don't wanna work

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaand DONE.

Avatar image for Xylymphydyte

Destiny 2 -- The gift that keeps on taking.

No really, this time we're going to fix it! Just give us more money for the fix! That wasn't a fix? It was more of the same? Well NEXT time we'll fix it if you pay us more!

It's like they've gone into business selling volcano insurance in Kansas and everyone keeps taking them up on it for some reason.

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LMAO get the **** out of here with these multiple expansion passes

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So Gamespot! are you gonna hype it and then give it a 6/10 ? or are you gonna be decent and not post 10 articles per day about the new expansion ?

anywayz y'll should just know Warframe is getting free content this june and that they have the codex system since beginning which shows you what weapons you mastered and which you still need to hunt down to make your collection and that GuildWars2 had the title system since launch 2012 which shows other people your achievements , So nothing bungie is doing is really groundbreaking

Avatar image for Barighm

@afromakka: Tried to get into Warframe but at this point it's too daunting.

Avatar image for afromakka

@Barighm: yeh at first you will get lost but there are actually videos about your particular issue to help ease you into the game just youtube guides for noobies and you will be surprised how people actually help each other ingame

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WHAAAATTT THE HE...... oh hell no! They have DLC for DLC's AFTER YOU BOUGHT THE REGULAR SEASON PASS. One of these days the fans of destiny will finally break

Avatar image for dalger21

Hard pass. I haven't played much of D2 because of their causal gamer fetish and the disaster known as CoO. Now, they want to charge 40 dollars for DLC and then another 30 for the seasons? lololol. No sir. Moving on to The Division 2.

Avatar image for j3diknightdave

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Anyone that buys into this deserves to be taken (no pun intended lol) Think about it, your going to buy a annual pass, when that can't even deliver on the expansions. With the trouble that game is in now and how Bungie tarnish its reputation with all the shady tactics, I've said it before and here it is again... ALL EXPANSIONS & UPDATES SHOULD BE FREE TO EVERYONE.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

Haha they are seriously trying to charge to make you buy a dlc for a dlc? The joke is there will probably be a story dlc after this next year... Greedy company. They've made tonnes of cash off the initial release, two dlc packs, now a dlc priced at the same value of a full priced game and now they are charging you for dlc on top of that which honestly should be free updates. Destiny from 2014 has been pure greed and minimal content.

Avatar image for kornscore04

Another season pass to go with their next expansion? Nah. Fool me once....

Avatar image for renegade67rick

I can only imagine how much of a money grab their next games are gonna be, and I wont be touching any of this. Im expected to keep paying them money to get the game they should have already gave me, no thanks. And wont even be considering the next Destiny 3. Good luck for those who don't mind spending all that cash

Avatar image for uchihasilver

“Were already losing players because our game isnt anywhere up to par how should we fix it? Oh i know we will release more content people have to pay another games worth for” - bungies idiotic marketing team