Destiny 2 And Among Us Crossover Now Live

Just in time for Lightfall, you can murder crewmates in Destiny 2 attire.


The previously teased Destiny 2 and Among Us collaboration is now out, to coincide with the launch of Lightfall. The collab brings a number of Destiny 2 themed cosmetics to the game, if you are willing to play a few matches to earn them.

You can claim Destiny-2-themed cosmetics by purchasing the Guardian Cosmicube for 3,500 Beans. The bundle includes Guardian outfits, a Starhorse hat, and various creatures from the game, like the Hive Worm. Beans don't cost money, so the Cosmicube is free if you can earn some Beans from playing the game. The Guardian Cosmicube will disappear by May 30, so you'll need to gather your beans to claim it before then.

An image showing many of the Destiny 2 cosmetics coming to Among Us.
An image showing many of the Destiny 2 cosmetics coming to Among Us.

The update also brings UI improvements, as well as various changes and fixes. The announcements screen has been completely revamped, with the ability to see past announcements right in the game. Player reports and pet petting icons have also been revamped. More UI updates will be coming. This update also introduces various bug fixes.

In other Destiny 2 news, the new expansion Lightfall is out now. The campaign's launch broke the game's concurrent player record on Steam. The Lightfall update also brings a variety of fixes and changes to the game, such as a new Guardian ranks systems and adjustments to difficulty settings.

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