Destiny 2 Already Has "Millions" Of Players On PS4, Xbox One

It sounds like Bungie's shooter sequel is selling well.


Bungie's highly anticipated shooter sequel Destiny 2 launched this week for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One--and it was a massive success, it seems. In a blog post today, Bungie said "millions" of players have jumped into the game and reached the new social space, the Farm, in just two days since the game launched on September 6.

The developer went on to say that it expects more players to pick up the game in the days and weeks ahead, and promised there will be many more activities to play in the future. Destiny 2 launches for PC in October, so game sales stand to grow further still when the game is released through Blizzard's next month.

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"We've taken our first steps on a new journey as a community," Bungie said. "We expect more players to join our ranks in the days and weeks that will follow. Veterans of our community know that Destiny is not just a story about heroes, but also a world that evolves with you. New rituals will begin. New challenges will be revealed. New platforms will come online. New legends will rise."

Bungie also published a schedule for Destiny 2's first-month activities, including the Leviathan raid, Guided Games, Trials of the Nine, and more. Check out the image above to get all the specifics on what's coming and when.

Looking to October, Bungie said players can expect a set of "new challenges," including the first Iron Banner event and an update to the raid.

GameSpot's Kallie Plagge is progressing through Destiny 2 now and you can read her latest thoughts in her review diary here. A full review is coming up soon.

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