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Destiny 2 Adds Guided Games (And Nightfall Tickets); Clan Rosters Now Live With Hot Fix Update

A new patch has arrived that fixes the MIDA Multi-Tool quest bug.


Update: Bungie has provided some clarity on how Destiny 2's Guided Games beta will operate. "During the Guided Game beta, only a subset of players received Guided Game tickets at the Postmaster which are needed to queue as a Seeker," it said in a tweet. This will restrict things somewhat, although apparently everyone is free to queue up as a Guide. The original story follows.

Following a longer-than-scheduled maintenance period, Destiny 2's servers are back online. With them, some new features are now available--most notably, that includes the game's matchmaking equivalent for high-end activities, Guided Games.

Guided Games are only in beta for now, but as seen in the picture below, they'll provide you with an in-game way to find a group to complete the weekly Nightfall Strike. This is done by selecting an icon just to the bottom right of the Nightfall icon itself in the Director. From there, you can choose whether to be a Seeker (someone looking for a Clan to play the Strike with) or a Guide (Clan members who take a non-member through the Strike). Either way, it states this is a 45-minute commitment and that voice chat is required, although at this point it's unclear if the game is doing anything to enforce that.

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Notably, you'll see that playing as a Seeker requires a Nightfall Ticket. The Postmaster will a Guided Games Beta package waiting for you that consists of Guided Game Tickets. Exactly how you'll obtain more remains to be seen.

Additionally, Bungie has released a hot fix for the game that serves a few purposes. Most notably, you can now see the clan roster in-game. Additionally, the bug involving the quest for the MIDA Multi-Tool has been resolved, allowing you to now properly obtain the MIDA Mini-Tool if your inventory is full when it's given to you. If you should have gotten one previously but did not, you can see Devrim Kay in the EDZ to receive it. The full patch notes follow below.

Today also marks Destiny 2's weekly reset. This means a new Nightfall is now available, Milestones have reset, and more. The Raid unlocks tomorrow, September 13, with Xur and Trials of the Nine making their first appearance on September 15. You can also check out the latest entry to our Destiny 2 review diary.

Destiny 2 Hot Fix Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue that caused Clan Rosters to not be displayed in game


  • Fixed an issue that caused players to not receive MIDA Mini-Tool when they have a full weapon inventory
    • Players can obtain their missing MIDA Mini-Tool from Devrim Kay


  • Fixed a rare memory leak that would result in a crash

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