Destiny 2 PlayStation Crossover Armor And Items Include God Of War, Ratchet & Clank

Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima are also among the games to get some kind of tie-in.


With today's launch of Season of the Deep, Destiny 2 has added a variety of crossover armor and cosmetics from PlayStation franchises like God of War, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ghost of Tsushima.

The news was initially revealed in an image posted on the official Destiny 2 Twitter account. The figure on the left wears God of War-inspired armor, with Kratos's signature face paint. The middle Guardian wears Horizon Zero Dawn threads. The rightmost figure dons a Ghost of Tsushima-style outfit, complete with katana and hair bun. In between two of the Guardians is a ghost with The Last of Us' zombie fungus growing out of it. Each of the three armor ornament sets is for a specific class: God of War for Titan, Ghost of Tsushima for Warlock, and Horizon for Hunters.

It turns out there is even more to this crossover than initially thought, as the new trailer above shows there is also a Ratchet & Clank-themed emote, a God of War-themed finisher, and a Last of Us ship and sparrow to go along with the ghost shell.

The crossover is a natural fit as Sony now owns Destiny 2 developer Bungie. At least some of these items will be available through the Eververse story on all platforms, not just PlayStation.

No pricing was announced, but these armor sets take the form of armor ornaments (meaning the look can be applied to other, non-Exotic pieces of armor). Similar crossovers in the past, including the Assassin's Creed-inspired set, cost $20 each. We should know for sure once servers come back online after maintenance concludes.

In other Destiny 2 news, Season of the Deep will bring upgrades and changes to several Exotic weapons. The upcoming season will also introduce new accessibility features, expansions for the Strand subclass, a new dungeon, and possibly a return to Saturn's moon Titan. You will also be able to take a closer look at weapons with a new rotation feature in the inventory screen.

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