Destiny 2: A Matter Of Time - All Quest Steps To Unlock The Artifact & Sundial

Season of Dawn starts you off with a quest to unlock the Sundial, its major new activity.


The Sundial is the major new activity in Destiny 2's newly launched Season of Dawn. Much like the Vex Offensive, Bungie expects you to spend the next few months with this replayable activity to grind out new weapons and rewards. But before you can do so, you'll need to make your way through a quest--A Matter of Time--in order to gain access. Here's what to expect from each quest step to unlock the Sundial--and, by extension, this season's artifact, the Lantern of Osiris, which is given to you following your first Sundial run.

While it's the big headlining feature of Season of Dawn, there's a lot more to check out in Destiny 2 right now. Along with a revamped Eververse, Bungie has implemented changes across the board. Solar subclasses, Exotics, and numerous weapons and pieces of armor have been tweaked in various ways, while the Power cap has been raised by 10. (A new hotfix update is out now, and the latest seasonal event is also live--check out our guide to The Dawning recipes.) Once you begin playing this season, be sure to see through the quest below--you want to get the Lantern of Osiris as quickly as possible, as you'll then be able to begin leveling it up to earn both seasonal mods and increase your Power level. However, both of these things will go away following the end of the Season of Dawn, just like last season.

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A Matter of Time Quest Steps

A Disturbance on Mercury

Osiris standing with the Sundial on Mercury
Osiris standing with the Sundial on Mercury
  • Osiris located

For this step, select Mercury from the Director and you'll see a new Sundial Spire option near the top of the map. Head there and proceed straight up the stairs, past the enemies, to speak with Osiris.

Recovery Operation

  • Sundial components recovered

To begin repairing the first obelisk, you'll head to the Tangled Shore. The obelisk is located right next to the Thieves' Landing landing zone, but you'll instead want to head up to Soriks's Cut, where you'll find Cabal. You'll need to kill Cabal to obtain Sundial components for this quest step. Any Cabal will do, but you can speed up your progress by using Solar weapons or abilities, which can cause Cabal to drop multiple materials at a time.


  • Bank materials at the obelisk

Head to Thieves' Landing and interact with the Obelisk to deposit the Sundial components you've collected.

The Tangled Shore obelisk
The Tangled Shore obelisk

Light Collection

  • Light charge collected

Next, you'll need to collect Light by killing enemies with abilities or Supers, or by collecting Orbs of Light. Your best bet is to seek out upcoming public events on the Tangled Shore so you can rally to the banner and obtain your Super instantly. Masterwork weapons will also drop Orbs of Light to help speed along your progress.

Light Infusion

  • Bank the Light

Again, just head to the obelisk and deposit the Light you've collected.

Timeline Stabilization

The obelisk is now "attuned." You can visit it to get some instructions on the basics of how the Sundial activity works in relation to the obelisks. The obelisk itself now functions like a vendor, offering up bounties--with more available if you cash in Polarized Fractalines to increase the Resonance Rank of the obelisk.

A Missing Link

As part of the explanation of the obelisks, you're told that you can "link" an obelisk to the Sundial, thereby determining what rewards you'll receive upon completion of a Sundial run. You can only have a limited number of obelisks linked at a time, so you'll need to make some decisions about what items you want before jumping into the Sundial.

Visit Osiris

With the first obelisk set up, you now head back to Mercury to speak with Osiris again. He'll grant you access to the Sundial.

The Sundial

With Osiris giving you the go-ahead, you'll now find the Sundial playlist on Mercury's map--it's in the upper right. The recommended Power is 850, and as with things like the Menagerie and Vex Offensive, it's a six-player activity with matchmaking enabled.

Season of Dawn's artifact, The Lantern of Osiris
Season of Dawn's artifact, The Lantern of Osiris

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