Destineer buys MacSoft from Infogrames

Destineer, the current publisher of Macintosh versions of Microsoft PC games, will publish Mac versions of Infogrames games as well.


Destineer announced today that it has acquired MacSoft, Infogrames' Macintosh division, and that it now has the rights to publish Mac versions of future Infogrames games. Destineer is known for bringing Microsoft's PC games to the Mac, particularly Age of Empires II: Gold Edition and Links Championship.

Destineer announced plans to publish at least 10 major Macintosh games during 2003, including ports of products from both Microsoft and Infogrames. These upcoming games include Master of Orion III, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, Halo, and at least six other games that have not been disclosed. As a result of the acquisition, Destineer will start publishing its future Macintosh products under the well-established MacSoft brand.

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