Despite the Game's Struggles, Battleborn Dev Outlines Future DLC Plans

There's still a lot on the way, both paid and free.


Battleborn hasn't been the success 2K hoped for, but it has stated it doesn't plan to give up on it. Making good on that pledge, Gearbox today provided new details on the free and paid DLC on the way to the game in the months ahead.

"We've been cranking away on Battleborn all summer long and we continue delivering lots of free content to your doorstep with new heroes, maps, modes, and more," Gearbox said on the Battleborn website. "BUT, we've also been reprioritizing aspects of the game that you--our awesome fans--told us were important. As a result, some things are taking a little more time to complete than originally planned."

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While we've already gotten two of the promised five DLC characters (three if you count the one coming tomorrow that's currently in early access), Gearbox has not yet released any new story missions. These are still on the way, with the first one--Attikus and the Thrall Rebelling--arriving on October 13. A second, Toby's Friendship Raid, will follow later this fall, with three more coming this winter.

"Every Story Operation is playable solo or co-op with up to three buddies," Gearbox explained. "The Operations themselves are side stories that expand on some Battleborn hero's lore, sending you right into the middle of the action. They are shorter than the main Story Missions and highly replayable. Each playthrough moves you towards unlocking more lore, skins, titles, and taunts. Not to mention, the dialogue, enemies, and objective change depending on your current playthrough."

In addition to the missions themselves, each Story Operation release comes with unlockable skins, taunts, and titles. The five confirmed Operations will all be included with the season pass and will also be sold for $5 each.

On the competitive side, two new PvP modes are coming for free. The first of these, Face Off, launches on October 13.

"Two teams fight against each other to exterminate the invading Varelsi," Gearbox said in its description of Face Off. "Each team must coordinate between defense and offense to kill Varelsi, collect their masks, and deposit them for points. The first team to 500 points wins. Of course killing Varelsi makes them mad--be ready for intense, multi-phase battles! Steal masks from enemy players and be quick to pick up masks your teammates left behind."

The other new PvP mode is scheduled for a release this fall, but no further details were shared. Similarly, the next character, Kid Ultra, launches this fall, followed by the fifth DLC character this winter.

Battleborn launched earlier this year but struggled to make an impact, thanks no doubt in part to how close it released to Overwatch. In less than three months, it could be found in a Humble Bundle for $15, and 2K parent company Take-Two has since admitted it didn't meet expectations.

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