Despite Bugs And Issues, PUBG Hits 3 Million Players On Xbox One

The popular Battle Royale game hits an impressive milestone even in its unfinished and sometimes buggy state.


PUBG launched on Xbox One in the Game Preview program one month ago this week. After picking up 1 million players in its first 48 hours, the popular Battle Royale game reached more than 3 million players by the end of 2017, Microsoft announced today on the Xbox Wire.

The unfinished game is available for $30. Unlike other Game Preview titles, PUBG on Xbox One does not offer a free trial, which may have helped improve sales. If the three million players comes out to 3 million copies sold, at $30 apiece, that would amount to $90 million in revenue. It is unclear if this makes PUBG the most successful Game Preview game ever (others included Ark: Survival Evolved and Conan Exiles), though we suspect that might be the case.

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Now Playing: PUBG With The Update on XBOX One X

PUBG for Xbox One had its fair share of issues at launch, and the game--which, again, is unfinished--is still is not completely smooth. But PUBG developer PUBG Corp. has released a handful of updates already that have improved the overall experience. New features have come online, too, including first-person support for the solo, duo, and squads modes. More updates are planned for the time ahead, while the new map, Miramar, is also on the way.

There is no word as of yet as to when PUBG will leave the Game Preview program on Xbox One and launch its 1.0 version. The PC edition was in Early Access on Steam for around nine months before its 1.0 edition arrived in December. For more on PUBG for Xbox One, check out GameSpot's video above where we play the game on Xbox One X with the new patch installed.

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