Design a hero for City of Heroes

Cryptic Studios opens a contest to design one of eight central NPC characters for its online superhero game.


City of Heroes

NCsoft has announced a contest calling for designs for a major character in Cryptic Studios' City of Heroes. In the game's fiction, eight heroes survived the Rikti War and set about training a new generation of heroes. These eight heroes play a major role in the game as contacts for player characters. The contest is looking for character-design submissions from the public, and the winning character will have a permanent place in the game. The contest deadline is July 25, and the design submissions need to include background and physical descriptions of the character and can include an image to illustrate the design. More information on the contest is available on the official site.

City of Heroes is an online game that will let players create custom superheroes. For more details on the game, which is scheduled to ship in the coming months, check out our previous coverage.

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