Denmark studio opens Kickstarter for A Hat in Time

Crowdfunding campaign for N64 platformer-inspired game surpasses $30,000 goal within two days.


Denmark-based developer Gears for Breakfast has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 3D platformer game A Hat in Time for the PC and Wii U.

A Hat In Time is inspired by games like Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.
A Hat In Time is inspired by games like Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.

The campaign amassed $50,727 in its first two days and surpassed its pledge goal of $30,000. The game is inspired by 3D collect-a-thon platformers on the Nintendo 64 console like Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Players control Hat Kid who is given the task to collect time pieces from different worlds and locations to save the universe.

Stretch goals for the campaign include developer commentary and co-op mode; both goals were met at this point of writing. Others include a sixth and seventh bonus chapter and full voice acting.

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Watching that video just made me wish that Microsoft had never bought Rare. They didn't even let them make anything. It's almost as if they bought them solely so they would stop making amazing Nintendo games.

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now people need to go on steam and greenlight it. because steam won't let them in unless greenlight goes through.

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They had me sold as soon as they mentioned Rareware and the N64 in the same sentence

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The 17 dollar pledge offers an exlusive hat! Even other higher pledges don't contain that hat. Wow, they've really hit the nail on that one and as all 299 of them are gone, people's love for hats doesn't seem to be over for long.

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I'd feel more comfortable backing this project if they showed more concept art and less technical demo.

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@Redsyrup And spoil more of the game?

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This game looks awesome!

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Lol he really does have that danglish accent, although not too bad but it made me chucke when he said Rareware, it just went like "WAREWARE" lol

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TF2 hat hoarders this is for you!

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yay more games.

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Wow this game looks really dumb..

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@the_big_doggg I take is you think Mario games looks dumb.

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this games looks really good

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@slayerSS-3 Would be this game or these games?

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@WTF1555 @slayerSS-3 I think he meant, "those game looks very good".

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"Denmark studio opens Kickstarter....."

shouldn't it be Danish studio instead

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@Majkic666 Americans....

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Want proof that America is dead?

All the innovative stuff is happening in the UK

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@MetalDogGear Uhm.. this is a Danish project.. You know.. From Denmark? which is entirely NOT the UK?

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@MetalDogGear How is this innovative? They are taking cues from N64 games...

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@happy_dude64 @MetalDogGear Even the most innovative games takes cues from somewhere u fuckin idiot.

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C - Canada

O- Oregon

E - England

X - Xerxes

I - Ireland

S - South America

T - Turkey

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A hat girl in the time.

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@silvergol This is the Banjo Kazooie spiritual game sequel?

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Time to back an epic game project.

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Looks great

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Can't wait! 50k in a day awesome!

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Help get this game on Steam:

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Looks promising..... love platformers... it's a genre I feel remains very creative... many genres have games that become way too similar

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Thank you for posting this, it is actually my first ever item I have backed on Kickstarter. I missed the deadlines to put money towards Double Fine or Five Iron Frenzy's new album. I loved these style games and still play them.

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Looks more like a gamecube game to me. Art styles of Mario Sunshine and Windwaker combined.

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@Iamshmee They mostly are referring to gameplay.

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This looks fun. Great for the young audience. My son loves these kind of games

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More games need art styles like this

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More games need shitty graphics?

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@the_big_doggg so you want more games to look like COD am i right? you fucking Serbs disgust me!

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@ADO300 @the_big_doggg I'm sure being a Serb has everything to do with him saying it has shitty graphics/sarcasm.

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@the_big_doggg @MasterSubith As opposed to what, shit-coloured "gritty realism"?

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As much as I love 8-bit(and that was where I cut my teeth on), the whole retro-bandwagoning is beginning to get old. It's nice to see someone hopping into a different time period for their inspiration.

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@jinzo9988 Lol, making new games so that they look old is starting to get old (oldception)? Well, new games have rarely been very "new", if you look to the definition of the word, so I guess it's not surprising that making new games look old will lose the novelty factor and start getting old as well. What is old is new is old.

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Will probably end up better than Rare's new game

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@Legolas_Katarn So would dog **** with an umbrella.

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@Tekcor @Legolas_Katarn Oh, I'd love a game where you'd get to play as dog**** with an umbrella!

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@Tekcor @Hurvl @Legolas_Katarn Yes, I know, so I took the opportunity to misunderstand you and make a silly request.

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@Hurvl @Legolas_Katarn Oh I didn't mean a game. I meant literally.

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If you're interested but don't want to invest yet there is also the option to greenlight the game on Steam.