Denmark Has A New Kids' Show About A Man With A Heroic Large Penis

The new series John Dillermand swoops in to help set the tone for 2021.


Danish public television network DR has premiered John Dillermand, an eyebrow-raising new kids' show that dares to ask: What if we basically remade Curious George, but it was about a claymation man and his massive penis?

The show's theme song, even once translated into English, clearly sums up the show by explaining, "John Pee-Pee / He has the world's longest pee-pee / There's almost nothing he can't do with it." Later lyrics explain that while John does grapple with embarrassment over his anatomy, he can "save the whole world if he's just allowed," while imagery whizzes by of the titular hero taming a lion that's attacking an ice-cream stand, floating over power lines with balloons attached to his member, etc., etc. You get the idea.

The public Danish broadcaster producing the show--which is under fire for every kind of backlash you're imagining while reading this--is patiently responding to a steady stream of criticism against the show on its Facebook account. However, for every comment criticizing the perceived inappropriate content, there are also parents like Maya Schäffer Falster, who praises the show: "Please never stop talking to children as children, the only ones who can get anything sexually out of that program are puritan adults." DR has also responded by explaining that the show is meant to impart body positivity and to tell stories about the body and genitals--a curiosity that can be both embarrassing and fun.

The series' first season spans 13 five-minute episodes (which you can watch for free here), including ones titled John Takes the Trash, John Saves Christmas, John Celebrates Great Grandmother's Birthday--the translated synopsis for the latter explains that John has forgotten his great grandmother's birthday, only to discover "the party is disrupted by a minor fire, and then John has to save in the day, in true diller manners." Even though "diller" didn't translate over, it's easy to guess what it must mean.

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