Den of Xbox 360 Oblivion thieves uncovered

New Elder Scrolls IV add-on debuts on Xbox Live Marketplace; 2.27MB addition targeted at stealth characters.


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If you're one of the few Xbox 360 owners who have completed the hundreds of hours' worth of quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, today brought some welcome news. Bethesda Softworks and 2K Games have released a new add-on for the game on Xbox Live Marketplace. Available now, the Thieves Den content pack weighs in at 2.27MB in size, and will cost Xbox Live subscribers 150 Marketplace points--roughly $1.89.

As one might surmise from the title, the Thieves Den addition is targeted at players whose characters delve into the odd bit of larceny and sneaking. Its description on Xbox Live reads as follows: "Uncover a famous pirate's lost ship and claim it for your own. Designed for stealth-based characters."

Bethesda reps confirmed to GameSpot that the Thieves Den add-on on Xbox Live Marketplace is the same as the addition previously available to PC gamers. Its page on the official Oblivion Downloads site describes it in a bit more detail. "The Thieves Den provides you with everything you need to outfit your stealth-based character for missions," reads that description. "Rediscover the legendary Dunbarrow Cove and the ancient pirate ship The Red Sabre. Dunbarrow Cove not only provides a home base to operate out of, you can purchase new vendors, trainers, and even an upgrade to your sleeping quarters with the loot from your heists."

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Avatar image for Magerious

Well I am done with this game! Just finished all the Mage Guild, Fighters Guild and Dark Brotherhood Quests, to have the game produce THREE NON-DROPPABLE QUEST RINGS (Ajaries Ring). I stole the ring, snuck past all the guards, for nothing. My Doyen wont take the ring because its "too hot" and Adjari will only let me say "I don't have the ring yet" or "So-and-So tried to sell it back to the countess." Thats it. 3 rings and not one to advance in the game. Bethesda says that some errors do occur, and are probably in the save file, so do the quest over. Thanks.

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ok what i dont get is wen they say its only $1.89 or watever how cum im payin 20 smakers for the 1500 points id much rather pay the $1.88 am i dong sumthin wrong here or what. ohh yea another thing these new downloads are bad @$$ i love em keep em cummin.

Avatar image for skitzocyko

HAIL the 360!!!

Avatar image for sk1

I've gotten all the xbox360 Oblivion downloads so far and I'll definitely get this one as well. Oblivion is the jam, I'm still a little jealous of my friends who have it on PC though. I want to own & train animals come on Bethesda! Oh and the goblin totems too.

Avatar image for hellrazor707

why dont they just make a sceduale of up coming donlodes

Avatar image for thedeisel

i like all the new additions to oblivion, but when will they have one for strength based characters

Avatar image for niel19_us

Bahamut50: Just to let you know that even sony's coming out with this stuff too. This company's are trying to make money they don't care about who u r, to them we are just numbers JUST NUMBERS... You should make desicion what makes you feel happy. No who's the best and who's not. If you want to be a gamer try eveything Xbox, Xbox360, PS, PS3, Gameboy DS, Gamecube etc.,

Avatar image for eljono

Yay more quests yet no patch for the bugs. such BS

Avatar image for Bahamut50

i dont buy into downloadable content for money, since ive had much more quality in downloads for free before, but if you all want to support it, who am i to stop the stupidity. i just wish you understood that ps3 "fanboys" wait for it simply because they believe its worth 600 dollars, and believe that it isnt a waste of time. if you think trying to insult us will work on such basic things, then you are sadly mistaken

Avatar image for niel19_us

I am not complaing (Well I am) I love the contents Bethesda comes out with, what a best 5 min mini mission they are. But they need to fix the freezing problem happens every loading time (and there are lot of them.) Fix them and I will be happy as happy toothfairy at Tooth Fairy Land.

Avatar image for durial117

Nice add on Bethesda, I cant wait to download this one! Thanx

Avatar image for brennen5871

quit your complaining its only two bucks to add to the gameplay for the best game ever!

Avatar image for yb125

Hmm look good, already brought it and installed it but forgot to activate it. I like stuff like this, horse Armor was lame but the downloads are getting better and better so I cool with it.

Avatar image for Bloodhawk_DX

I don't mind paying for new content! For all those kids that are still complaining about how the game is still sticking us to the wall with additional content we have to pay for.... well.... Well then don't buy the content. It's that easy, Oblivion is technically a complete game. Just some of us enjoy the fact that for a tiny (VERY affordable) cost, we can get more out of our games. I can't wait to see what rewards these new missions will bring.

Avatar image for ninsane1973
ninsane1973 if they would only put out a free download for the thieves guild quest with the ring that you can never complete if you accidentally pick both up. I don't mind buying extra content as I have gotten all others but really show us some respect and fix whats broke before selling us more.

Avatar image for -r4z0rbl4d3-

Finally EU gets all the add-ons on Marketplace! Took them long enough! :P

Avatar image for -r4z0rbl4d3-

SnuffDaddyNZ: I don't think you suck at the game but you might be missing vital information on how the level-system works... I suggest you read the GS-gameguide (if you are a subscriber) or visit and read guides about leveling your character to fully understand the system. It's kinda complicated but basicly you DON'T want to level up too fast! You have to increase your skills quite a bit every level to really advance your character, otherwise the enemies will get extremely hard early on, making the game virtually impossible to complete...

Avatar image for Merl57

WOW DONT FALL FOR IT. This is going to be a drain of your money, the more pople that buy worthless horse armor and stuff like that the less content in games and the more you have to pay for it. Boycott stuff like this please people.

Avatar image for dergy

dude! SWEET!

Avatar image for xgh0lx

God bethesda just release the construction kit to 360 owners so we can create our own content like the pc can and then it would rock more than ever. I'd pay $10-20 to download it provided they gave you free access to everything that people create with it.

Avatar image for jaefrmbk2k

Whoa, they want $1.89 for it?? that's okay, times are hard- i'll make my own 2.27MB addition targeted at stealth characters.

Avatar image for bunty_007

I am tring to get this on PC

Avatar image for wingchunstudent

I will be getting it tomorrow morning.

Avatar image for chrisdojo

cool sounding ad on. it costs less than the horse armor too :)

Avatar image for WillT12345

"cesarotromundo omg... just give them away!" omg... its less than 2 dollars you cheap as$.

Avatar image for Sergeboy

bethesda sucks...they cant even develop a complete game and have to make some crap add-on's. It's freakin shame

Avatar image for cqdemal

I just wish they would release a bunch of these add-ons (say, five) in a little pack instead of one a pop. Or a full-blown expansion pack, which would be infinitely better than any episodic content on offer. Also, what happened to DLC4-6? This Thieves' Den thing is DLC7.

Avatar image for FruitCakesRUS

mgsseries4life flex49: actually every body can see that u are the jealous one cause M$ ripped u off with all the add-on-must-have accessories. hehe while people can get all of that on the PS3 out of the box. what a geek hehe IMO I would rather pay for an add-on accessory for a price than have to pay a premium to get everything and not use half of the things.(like what would happen if I bought a PS3) The only thing that was appealing about PS3 is gone(again IMO so don't flame) dual HDMI outputs 1 ethernet instead of 3 (like a router) was the kicker for me and now that its gone theres no way in hel* I will spend 600 let alone 500 for a piece of crap (piece of crap is referring to the $500 model, not $600) and yeah great PS3 comes with a blu-ray drive but I'm not planning on buying any blu-ray movies so theres no difference in it to me than a 360's dvd drive: it plays games and movies. So all the fanboys (MS and Sony) should just stop hating eachothers machine just appreciate what each has to offer

Avatar image for diggy11111

yah!! oblivion is the best keep it up =] 'the hobo master has awaken!!!!!' *run* *rape*

Avatar image for SnuffDaddyNZ

I can only play Oblivion for so long before being bored outa my mind. My race is the one that looks like a cat and can see in the dark, and I am currently a member of the thieves guild, so I guess this pack would be for me. I WAS playing through the main storyline but I got stuck at the Siege of whatever it's called, the one where you first encounter an oblivion gate. Anyway, I enter the town and get totally owned. I guess I just suck at this game, but the thing is no matter how many levels I gain whenever I go back to try and break the siege and rescue that guy you need to take to the priory.... well of course I get owned everytime. Consequently I tend to do the non-combat missions whenever possible, and other than that I play Geowars.

Avatar image for nintendorocks

2K and Bethesda have really struck a masterpiece here. Over 200 hours of gameplay and still things are being able to add new places to download. It is really amazing. Nice work!

Avatar image for mark_unix

sheeezzzz this game truly is a rip-off pay $49 now and $50 in minor insignificant updates, what a rip off....

Avatar image for FellfromGrace

To bad there is no way on Gods Green Earth I could ever get into Oblivion now ! Thank you Bethseda for ruining a perfect game with your pitiful level scaling system ! I was looking forward to this game as much as anyone but when I heard about level scaling and then tried it for myself on the 360 it was horrible. I broke into the freaking IMPERIAL wharehouse, and what was in there to loot? Hourglasses and pieces of cheese !! thats stupid. Now if I would have broke in there at level 20 it would have been full of all kinda cool crap. As if the entire world revolves arround my one simple character. What a joke. Once I get a better CPU I will get this for PC and download some mods to take out the level scaling.

Avatar image for firestarter

Wow, nice reference to Regina Spektor, GS. Anyone else get that?

Avatar image for cesarotromundo

omg... just give them away!

Avatar image for jsloane

Although all of this is great, I hope these mini updates arent keeping them from making a full expansion.

Avatar image for pez_poi

what about the patch for oblivion? any news on that?

Avatar image for Silver_Fire

It's pretty cool, although I'm dissappointed you don't actually get to sail on a ship and attack other ships. Now whens the special area for combat oriented people coming out?

Avatar image for linegrinds

cool i hope you get to drive the ship when you beat the quests

Avatar image for x-wing20

I don't have oblivion yet but at this rate the game will be never ending... good use of the market place

Avatar image for ketsuatama

The way I'm progressing through Oblivion, this is more than 12 month away for me!

Avatar image for GSyyskylinedude05yyGS


Avatar image for Valen_Ca

No nacho4511, you shouldn't get into it, for when you start it there is a good chance that you will wake up in ditch somewhere after mysteriously losing over 200 hours of your life and not remember a thing!

Avatar image for nacho4511

I have not played oblivion i guess i have to get into it??

Avatar image for mikethemonkey

This is what the next-gen is about! After market content! $1.89 is a fair price.

Avatar image for ozzy_69

it a sweet download, once you get all the pirates you need to run your ship you can send them out to loot for you and a week later they return with $500-1000 gold and u can train with some of them.

Avatar image for niel19_us

Can you pls stop the add-onn and FIX THE FU*KING BUGS FIRST...

Avatar image for angellc

They need to come out with a patch to improve the horrible performance issues of oblivion for the x360 before they continue to release these add-ons!

Avatar image for wwf20112

sounds a playstation fan but im leaning more towards to get a xbox 360 cause of the game line up and the online.

Avatar image for GoddBless

Gonna go download this right now. I was just saying they need to release some new stuff.

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