Demos to Get Your Blood Pumping

New action demos by Activision and MGM Interactive feature heroes who deal a little more than a scrape on the elbow to their villains.


Computer game companies are releasing arcade-style games more and more these days, and GameSpot has gathered two new demos today as proof of this modern trend.

The first is Activision's Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, originally an acclaimed RPG released some months ago for the PlayStation. Blood Omen is an overhead perspective action-RPG featuring Kain, a dark character who, having been recently resurrected as a vampire, has embarked upon a passionate search to find his original killer. Throughout the game, Kain must drink blood in order to stay alive, picking up the occasional spell or weapon along the way. In his rage, Kain takes no prisoners, draining blood from both evil and innocent in his sanguinary quest. Adding to this morbidity is Kain's melodramatic voice-over acting, worthy of an appearance in any Shakespearean tragedy. The full version of the game is due this month.

The blood flow doesn't stop there. Also up for download is MGM Interactive's gory action title, Machine Hunter. The game is an overhead action game as well, but it features a 3-D engine, so the character can climb up through a level in true perspective. Accompanying the abundance of spilt blood when the player smokes a bad guy in Machine Hunter is a sound effect reminiscent of a vat of ketchup being poured onto pavement.

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