Demos for Bulletstorm, Crysis 2 fire up XBL

Xbox Live Update: Samplers for two EA shooters hit download space; online military shooter Breach hits XBLA; Games on Demand welcomes Chronicles of Riddick: AoDA.


No Caption Provided Microsoft's five-game House Party promotion--which includes Beyond Good & Evil HD--kicks off next month, but that doesn’t mean Xbox Live is devoid of new content this week.

First out of the gate today on Xbox Live are two demos for much-hyped Electronic Arts shooters. Gamers wishing to try their hand at the first-person shooter/kicker Bulletstorm can grab a demo for the game today.

It's raining blood and bullets in Bulletstorm.
It's raining blood and bullets in Bulletstorm.

In the demo, players will vault into the gritty boots of hero Grayson Hunt and get a glimpse at the game's Echo mode, a score-based experience featuring the game's campaign environments.

Further, the demo will give players a feel for the game's skill shot system, whereby players are rewarded for killing with skill. Gamers will have access to 45 skill shots in the demo and can wield an arsenal of deadly weaponry, including the peace maker carbine, the flail gun, and the screamer, which turns foes into fireworks.

The other new demo out now is for Crytek's futuristic shooter, Crysis 2. The multiplayer sampler--exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members--thrusts players into the boots of a nanosuit-enabled soldier in a ravaged New York City.

The multiplayer demo will offer the Skyline map, as well as two game modes: Team Instant Action and Crash Site. The former presents a standard deathmatch mode, where players compete to kill as many on the opposing side as they can, gaining ranks and prestige along the way. The latter is a capture-and-hold game type, in which players attempt to secure an alien drop pod and then defend it from the opposing team. The demo for Crysis 2 will end on February 4.

The concrete jungle is a perfect warzone.
The concrete jungle is a perfect warzone.

Switching to the Xbox Live Arcade hub, Microsoft will add Atomic Games' online military shooter Breach (1,200 Microsoft points or $15) to the download space tomorrow. From the developer of the controversial Six Days in Fallujah comes this shooter, which aims for battlefield realism.

More specifically, Breach concerns itself with the CIA's secretive Special Activities Division. The online multiplayer shooter offers players a number of classes to choose from, ranging from heavy gunner to recon. The first-person shooter also incorporates a cover system, destructible environments for nearly everything in the game, and a range of high-tech weaponry and other accoutrements.

Added to the Games on Demand hub today was The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena ($20). The title is an expanded version of the critically acclaimed The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, released on the original Xbox in 2004 and on the PC in 2005. The game includes the entire original game, which was a prequel to the 2004 film The Chronicles of Riddick starring Vin Diesel, as well as an all-new campaign.

Gamers looking for a deal this week can download an assortment of 2K and Rockstar Games content marked down 50 percent. Discounted wares included content for BioShock 2, Red Dead Redemption, Mafia II, GTA: IV, and others. For the full list of marked down items, check out Major Nelson's blog.

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Avatar image for advanracer

Good Plain' Ol FUN =] I actually Liked this more than I did Crysis2 for the box demo wise. Hopefully, EPIC games won't ruin this game by those T.otally U.seless "so called Updates". For a Demo, This game feels dialed in. So far so good..

Avatar image for izzyrevenge

@runstalker yeahman i hear you.i still have high hopes for the single player,i was just hoping mp would be a little better.then agin it's only a beta really.i don't think the game,sp or mp will be bad,i just said the beta was s**t.

Avatar image for runstalker

I'd like people, especially those new to the Crysis franchise, to realize that historically it's always been about the explosive and satisfying single-player campaign in Crysis. With Crytek, period, going back to their Far Cry. Crytek has always included 'more than competent' multiplayer modes that had a modest player base, but they excel at creating really, really entertaining FPS campaigns. That's going to be the killer app in Crysis 2, so don't peg your expectations solely on the multiplayer.

Avatar image for izzyrevenge

the demo for crysis is not a demo,it's a beta,and it's sh*t.bulletstorm on the other hand is infinitly was a surprise for me.i thought it would be the other way around.did i mention that the crysis beta was sh*t?

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Having played Crysis 2 extensively now, my final opinion is that it is indeed a great MP affair with some nice unique touches (terrain traversal, stealth & shield modes, vision modes etc), however they really do need to sort out the dramatic overpowering Melee attack, as even with shields enabled it simply a case of 1 or 2 touch kill, it would be nicer if you were simply dazed. The usual amount of Shotgun (noob tube) players will eventualy annoy you to death also. Although to be fair to Crytek you can leave feedback via '' which i intend to do. Still a brilliant experience in my opinion. Bulletstorm: What can i say other than really great entertainment, Fast, Visceral,Gruesome, extreme overthetop goodness, I really think MP is where this will really shine, 1 player tags, the other bags : ) The 'Epic' influence is blatant, great stuff. Both games are definate day 1's for me : )

Avatar image for GamerLegend10

just played the crysis 2 demo, which was good but at the same time a bit disappointing: i loved the graphics, i like how you can smoothly climb walls. but it wasn't as good as i had hoped (though it is only a demo, maybe the full game will impress me more) and there was 2 much lag at times.

Avatar image for PurplePonyPants

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for thenephariouson

I think Crysis 2 is very good indeed, love the fact that you can seamlessly traverse the enviroment, very slick visuals and sound imo. Definate 'Day 1' for me. @clinteastW00d13, Yeah, i absoloutely agree with you on the Melee issue, they gotta sort that out, although the Stealth executions are great : ) Still not sure about Bulletstorm at the moment though.....

Avatar image for blank3k

Crysis 2 looked incredible, but played poorly due to lag etc - fixable, but Crysis is all about the single player in my mind. Bulletstorm, seemed brilliant but felt very rigid to me - I'll need to play more to get used to it I think, and co-op looks fun, just a shame its not campaign co-op (i dont think?)

Avatar image for clinteastW00d13

the spawn points can suck too

Avatar image for clinteastW00d13

crysis wasn't bad, but its WAY too easy to melee. run at the guy, shield when seen or shot at, then just bash em in the face.

Avatar image for GunGriffin

I played both of these loved em both, and then pre-ordered after I was done. BTW: too the PS3 fans screaming but they are better on PS3: Crysis 2: Runs at 20FPS on PS3, has less shaders, and less detail........ Thanku Sony for agian not sharing development with third party devs in the west as always. Bulletstorm: Runs at 30 FPS, has no AA, worse lighting, and less shaders, agian thanks to Sony not sharing their development process on the platform. Thus both developers gave MS exclusive demos to show that they like it when a developer bends over backwards to make things look, and play great on their platform. Sony's true montra: DRM, DRM, DRM, Popritary, our eyes only.......... U can look if U pay us......... Microsofts montra and why they get deals like this for XBL, and great exclusives: Developers, Developers, Developers.......... How can we help U guys? anything U need just ask. I read and interview where developers like Epic games, Ubisoft, and Square talked about Sony, and MS and how they do things, they had nothing but priase for MS, They all bashed Sony because if a Japanese developer comes on the line they hault any western developers call to take the Japanese guy first! Even mid call! Thats a good way to push developers off ur platform even after U shove cash in their face.

Avatar image for lilflex1

@WiteLite well put comment i just kept kickin em for the slo-mo then chest/head shot

Avatar image for lilflex1

bulletstorm is good i played it back 2 back trying 2 beat my score and a nice pre-order getting the gears of war beta but crysis 2's multiplayer needs the spawning fixed other than that its good

Avatar image for Dice2119

Bulletstorm is Fresh!! it feels new! that's what us gamers want!! :) Somthing different for a change. but it's just the demo so we have time to really see what this game has! :)

Avatar image for Spartan_418

Tried both. Bulletstorm is insane stupid fun by Crysis 2 is basically just CoD with cloaking and super-jumping.

Avatar image for StJimmy15

Crysis 2 crashes my box 4/5 times, but BulletStorm is wicked. Can't wait to get the co-op going.

Avatar image for oneligas

great demos, Crysis 2 is good and Bulletstorm was fun

Avatar image for chadsk8r24

Bulletstorm is a win but Crysis 2 was boring and average.

Avatar image for XCNormX

Bulletstorm demo is great, couldn't quit going back and trying to earn more and more skill points, can't wait for it's release. I'm downloading the Crysis 2 demo now so we'll see how that is, so far I've heard up and downs about it but I always have to see for myself. Plus it is just a beta, things are and probably will be subject to change by the time it's released so if you don't like it don't take it to'll be ok. :D

Avatar image for Pete5506

I got to play a bit of the Crysis demo today, glad to see there has been a good number of changes between that and the beta

Avatar image for MW2ismygame

@xchiefmegadethx for starters you know its a BETA right and if you took the time to read at the menu it said "software subject to change and will not necessarily be in final game" in bold yellow letters

Avatar image for Drakkengoth

Bulletstorm is fun as hell, the demo is pretty solid, definitely a preorder. Now crysis on the other hand is really alike to CoD, both in good and bad ways. Its pretty damn laggy but they have time to work out the kinks, still have my hopes up for something better than halo.

Avatar image for MW2ismygame

@gavininco so basically you are saying because you cant have a cheap one shot kill weapon and because you cant mindlessly spam grenades its a bad game right? your argument is invalid:roll:

Avatar image for casual48

bulletstorm is looking good .. would've preferred a demo of crysis 2's single player gameplay because that's whats gonna sell the game for me not the online side of it

Avatar image for j1965

enjoyed bulletstorm-but crysis 2 is looking like your average shooter.go epic!

Avatar image for gavininco

Crysis 2 doesn't look too bad. Weapons are very frustrating to use,especially if you play cod. I shot someone twice point blank with the shot gun and it didnt kill them. Assault rifle also sucks. Grenade throwing is difficult at best

Avatar image for scotwolf

bulletstorm and crysis 2 i am looking forward to playing both. i've been following both and hope they have good sp campaigns and multi player looks good too. trouble is i've bust my wrist and can't play shooters on my 360 just now as can get to right trigger and can't move right thumbstick at same time. 6 bloody weeks with cast, i have managed to play ilomilo and couple others and even had a go on my daughters kinectimals... how sad is that.. anyway enjoy the demos and let us know if the're any good. enjoy your gaming you lucky sods!!

Avatar image for nissanmaxima

@ xchiefmegadethx how long u been playing games? think back to cod 4 mw. the single player campaign graphics where awsome. then go to multiplayer and do some maps based on campaign, the graphics are no where as crisp as the single player. same will be with crysis 2.

Avatar image for nissanmaxima

i enjoyed crysis 2 demo. can't wait to try crysis 2 single player campaign. this is the first game in a long time that i am really looking forward to the playing the single player mode over multiplayer mode. last game i wanted to really play the single player campaign on was STRANGLEHOLD.

Avatar image for xchiefmegadethx

Bulletstorm rocks! Wicked fun... Crysis 2 demo is garbage!wtf is with the graphics? i thought cry engine is supposed to be the best? It looks like crap! If this is a taste of things to come?then damn they need to check there eyes,if they think there engine and gameplay is the best.

Avatar image for NND1

i need 2 get these after workkkkkk

Avatar image for campbell153

Wahoo... i`m there!

Avatar image for GamerLegend10

dammit i have to wait for the crysis 2 and the bulletstorm demos to download...its going to take ages :( i cant wait, the games look incredible (actually a nice surprise to find the bulletstorm demo as i wasn't expecting it to be available yet) i hope the demos are good :)

Avatar image for muppen

I had lots of fun with the Bulletstorm demo, I mean what other game let's you send enemies flying through the air using a big electric leash...and then blast them? :) The Crysis 2 demo was good too. It looks really nice but I don't think I'll be spending a ton of hours on the multiplayer unless I can play with my friends. A very fun demo day all in all.

Avatar image for oneligas

i started the downloads this morning before i went to work and i will give these two a try tonight

Avatar image for WiteLite

HOLY CROTCH SHOT!!! Just played the demo of Bulletstorm. gotta say i was semi excited for this game but now im foaming at the mouth for more. nothing is more satisfying than wrapping a grenade line around someones legs and sending him back to his buddies for a "play date" ;)

Avatar image for liwlimuz

Bulletstorms demo is EPIC