Demon's Souls Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Two Enormous Bosses

The second Demon's Souls gameplay trailer is even more impressive than the first, with two bosses that will test your skills.


The Demon's Souls remake launches alongside the PS5 in less than two weeks, and Sony has unveiled several minutes of new gameplay to help quench your thirst until then. Bluepoint's remake continues to look nothing short of stunning as we go into a new area and see the enormous arachnid lying in wait.

Once again devoid of UI elements, the second Demon's Souls gameplay trailer is set in Stonefang, which is one of the five main areas in the game. It's filled with lava, which should make it somewhat familiar to anyone who played Dark Souls 2 and made it to the Iron Keep. It's a much more dangerous area than the one we saw in the first trailer, both in terms of the enemies you'll be fighting and the environment itself.

After warming up with a standard battle against an enemy, the trailer transitions to a fight against the Armored Spider, who spits fast fireballs at the player. The spider reacts with each hit it takes from a sword, meaning you could possibly play the game without enemies' health bars displayed if you wanted absolute immersion.

The trailer eventually shows off a second boss: the Flamelurker. He's a little bit scarier, with a ridiculous slam and punch attacks that can easily kill if you if you aren't careful. Naturally, that's exactly what happens.

Demon's Souls releases on November 12 exclusively on PS5. For more on the game, check out our interview with the director on what has changed in the Demon's Souls remake, information on its new camera system, and learn how you can save and store your characters. You can also check out our Demon's Souls preorder guide.

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