Demon's Souls First PS5 Patch Fixes Stability Issues, Out Now

Without patch notes it's difficult to tell exactly what was fixed, however.


Demon's Souls has received its first patch on PS5, with developer Bluepoint Games choosing to be as vague with its specifics as the item descriptions you might find in-game.

On Twitter, Bluepoint stated that the patch addresses several stability issues, most notably the gold coin glitch that has been present since launch. Other than that, the patch will include other improvements, although the tweet doesn't go into any specifics beyond that. Bluepoint does end with a note saying that it is continuing to listen to feedback from its players.

Demon's Souls is one of the only games out now that is exclusive to PS5, showcasing the console's impressive power with its smooth performance mode and sharp fidelity modes. No matter which you pick, you're bound to have a great time returning to this PS3 classic, as our Demon's Souls review describes.

"Bluepoint has taken From Software's original game and expressed it in a richer and fuller way, and in doing so given me something I thought was impossible: the opportunity to relive the experience of falling in love with Souls games for the first time," wrote critic Tamoor Hussain.

While being faithful to the original Bluepoint has also added some new secrets to the action RPG. The most notable was a door that was new to this remake, which players quickly found the solution for and opened recently. If you're still wanting to preserve the secret, don't check out what was behind the door here.

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