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Demo For New World War II-Inspired Shooter Now Out On Steam

A first-person shooter with survival elements.


At first glance, United 1944 looks like just another shooter about European war. However, it's much more of a survival game than just a multiplayer FPS like Call of Duty. It blends traditional first-person gunplay with systems you'd see in a game that emphasizes exploration and building like Rust. Developer Novarama just announced a formal demo for the game, so interested players can squad up with other players (regardless of if they have early access or not) or experiment solo.

In United 1944, you can either play a more straightforward FPS mode or a sandbox one. It has two main game modes: Domination and Survivor. Domination is a multiplayer mode that challenges players to take control of maps based on World War II locations. On the other hand, Survivor is the hybrid shooter mode that encourages players to build bases and craft weapons instead of just gunning each other down. So far, the demo and early access have earned praise for gunplay and crafting among other strengths.

Novarama, a Barcelona-based studio partnered with Tencent, announced United 1944 last year in March. After two closed technical tests and two open betas, the developer now has a demo and early access available on Steam. Its currently running a promotion for United 1944 until February 1, where you can buy it for only $18 for early access and all the perks that come with supporting the game.

Developers haven't specified an exact release date yet, but they regularly update their Steam page with news about bug fixes and betas.

United 1944 is currently in development for PC.

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