Demo Day

Download these new playable demos for NHL 2001, GunLok, and Cultures.


GameSpot has three new playable demos available for download: NHL 2001, Gunlok, and Cultures: The Discovery of Vinland.

Electronic Arts' upcoming hockey game NHL 2001 is the latest in the long-running NHL series. It makes a number of improvements over the previous games in the series, including more complex character models with facial expressions and the ability to customize jerseys, logos, and team names. A player-creation mode allows scanned pictures to be placed in the game, and a new online service helps players set up multiplayer games. NHL 2001 is scheduled for release this fall. The playable demo is available for download here.

In Rebellion's upcoming team-based strategy game GunLok, players assume the role of a soldier in the Advanced Special Forces Group, which leads the battle against the machines to save humanity from extinction. GameSpot has posted the GunLok demo here.

Funatics' Cultures: The Discovery of Vinland is a strategy game with a Viking theme. Players guide the development of a small village on the North American continent. Success in the game requires careful management of the inhabitants, as each villager has unique abilities and characteristics. The demo includes four introductory missions on a large map, and it can be downloaded here.

These demos are also available at 3D Files.

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