Dementium II delayed to April 20

Renegade Kid's M-rated follow-up to survival horror adventure for DS pushed back to early this spring.


Dementium II

The DS isn't particularly known as the platform of choice for M-for-Mature-seeking gamers. However, one studio filling that niche is Renegade Kid, which released the well-received survival horror adventure Dementium: The Ward in 2007. The Texan studio followed up Dementium with Moon on the DS in 2009, and a sequel proper for its original macabre handheld game was slated to arrive next month.

Dementium is still, well, kind of demented.
Dementium is still, well, kind of demented.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, as Renegade Kid co-owner and game director Jools Watsham confirmed this week on his personal blog that Dementium II has been pushed back to April 20. Watsham notes that Dementium II's postponement can be chalked up to a "manufacturing delay…whatever that means." Previously, the game had been expected to arrive for the DS on February 16.

Dementium II picks up immediately after the events of the original game, which saw an amnesic William Redmoor awake in a zombie-infested hospital. In the sequel, Redmoor again finds himself missing his memories, fighting abominations first within a prison and then a horror-filled alternate dimension.

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