Deluxe Sims 2 DVD edition planned

DVD version of the eagerly awaited life-sim sequel will feature a bevy of bonus materials.


Once again, an online merchant has revealed details of an eagerly awaited game before its publisher. This time around, product pages on and tipped the public to the existence of an as yet unannounced deluxe DVD edition of The Sims 2. When queried, sources at EA confirmed the listing as "accurate."

Besides the benefits of having the game on a single disc, The Sims 2 DVD Edition will feature a slew of bonus material, including the following (from the listing):

  • Expert Interviews: Detailed tips and hints from the designers who made the game. Learn secret gameplay strategies that range from fulfilling your sims' dreams to pushing them to extremes to mixing their genes. Exclusive tips on evolving their family trees, choosing their aspirations, and managing their wants and fears.
  • Filmmaking 101: Learn how to create your own movies in The Sims 2 from the designer who created the in-game moviemaker. Covers everything you need to know, including controlling the camera, tricks for setting up the angles, casting and set development, special effects, saving your films, editing your films, and more.
  • The Sims 2 Cinema: Includes a variety of movies created in-game by the developers of the game.
  • The Sims 2 Outtakes: Includes hilarious outtakes of the game from the developers. See those hilarious bugs and bloopers that never made it to the shipping version.

EB Games preorders of both the CD and DVD versions of The Sims 2 will come with a bonus CD with the following features (from the listing):

  • Making of the Game Interviews: Go behind the scenes and learn about the inspiration, challenges, and creative vision from the designers of the game, including Will Wright.
  • Digital Goodies: Includes the entire collection of Sims 2 wallpapers to decorate your desktop, an instant messaging kit, and your own fan site kit to create your own Web site.
  • Candid Interviews With Game Designers and Testers: Includes details on taking your sim through a lifetime that features genes, dreams, and extremes. In addition, the developers talk about the new 3D world and the limitless creative possibilites with the new Create-A-Sim, build, buy, and design modes, and more. Hear reactions to the game from fans and webmasters who attended The Sims 2 University.
  • Movies and Screens of the Game: Includes a variety of sizzle movies and screenshots of actual gameplay.
  • Minigames: Use memory and visual skills to match up parents and their offspring in this light game. Play the Hot Lips minigame to see which sim couples can make the sparks fly.

The Sims 2 is due out September 17 for the PC. For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of the eagerly anticipated sequel.

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