Delta Force: Landwarrior Screens

We have exclusive screens of the fully hardware-accelerated follow-up to NovaLogic's tactical combat game.


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NovaLogic sent GameSpot these new images from Landwarrior, the third installment in the tactical-combat series Delta Force. Since the last game, NovaLogic has reworked the graphics to greatly increase performance and include detailed indoor environments for close-combat missions. NovaLogic's 3D graphics engine has long been based on voxel technology, which produces finely detailed exterior terrain but has proven difficult to accelerate with 3D graphics cards. NovaLogic says Landwarrior breaks through the voxel acceleration issue and will be the first game in the series to take full advantage of 3D cards.

As the name indicates, Landwarrior takes inspiration from the US Army's Landwarrior program, in which elite forces are equipped with computer-based technology to improve navigation and aiming in difficult environments. NovaLogic's Delta Force game was selected by the Army earlier this year to be adapted into a training tool for the program. Some of the lessons learned from the collaboration will be woven into the upcoming retail product.

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