Delta Force heads to the PS2

Novalogic is bringing a new game in its popular shooter series to Sony's console.


Novalogic has announced that it will release a new game in its Delta Force shooter franchise for the Sony PlayStation 2. The tactical shooter, which has already seen several incarnations on the PC, puts players in the role of Special Forces counterterrorists in a variety of colorful locations around the world. There are also several different character classifications, including snipers, commandos, and demolitions experts. The PlayStation 2 game, which is being built from the ground up, will include new missions, weapons, and environments.

"We are looking forward to bringing the one-of-a-kind Delta Force combat to the PlayStation 2," said Lee Milligan, president of Novalogic. "Developing for this powerful hardware is the perfect opportunity to create an action-packed Delta Force game for the console audience, while retaining the brand's true essence."

Novalogic also recently announced Delta Force: Urban Warfare for the Sony PlayStation console.

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