Delta Force: Black Hawk Down beta test soon

NovaLogic will release a multiplayer beta test of its new action game early next month. New screenshots inside.


NovaLogic has announced plans to release an open multiplayer beta test version of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, its upcoming tactical action game. The beta test, which consists of one multiplayer level, is scheduled for release at the beginning of August.

"Multiplayer has always been one of the strongest facets of the Delta Force franchise," said John Garcia, CEO of NovaLogic. "We see this open beta test as an opportunity to test and improve our multiplayer options while also getting the feedback of the people who count, the gamers."

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a tactical squad-based shooter that, although unrelated to the recent Ridley Scott movie of the same name, does depict some of the same events that took place during the 12 months of Operation Restore Hope. The game, unlike either the movie or Mark Bowden's novel Black Hawk Down, will deal with events spanning the entire duration of the 1992-1994 campaign, in which American troops were sent into Somalia.

The PC version of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is scheduled for release in October. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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