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Dell Reveals 4 New Monitors Ready For Xbox Series X And PS5

The brand-new lineup of displays from Dell includes VRR support for consoles as well as other top-tier features for PC.


Dell has revealed four new monitors releasing over the next few months, all of which will feature VRR support that can be utilized by current generation consoles.

Dell states that VRR (variable refresh rate) support will extend to the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PlayStation 5 (although Sony still needs to update the console itself to support it). This suggests that the monitors will feature HDMI 2.1 connections, which includes VRR support as part of the standard. The monitors will also support AMD FreeSync Premium or Premium Pro, but curiously only one display features certified Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. If you're unfamiliar with the differences, we have a guide to everything FreeSync and G-Sync here, too.

The largest of the new monitors is the Dell S3422DWG, a 34-inch ultrawide curved monitor with a 3440x1440 resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz. The display uses a VA panel that should help produce dark, inky blacks and retain image quality in dark environments, although you miss out on the additional color accuracy of an IPS panel. It also features DisplayHDR 400, which is one of the lowest VESA standards out there, so don't expect anything on par with modern TVs.

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The Dell S3222DGM is a 32-inch curved display with a 1440p resolution (which might be the sweet spot currently), 144Hz refresh rate, and similar VR panel. Its curve is also 1800R, which isn't as tight as Samsung's latest Odyssey displays but should be more than enough for immersion. The S2722DGM is almost identical to its 32-inch sibling but sports a smaller 27-inch display and 1500R curve. The panel and refresh rate remain the same.

The above are the three monitors that Dell says will support current generation consoles and VRR, but its fourth display is squarely aimed at competitive PC players. The S2522HG is a 24.5-inch monitor that is 1080p but features a 1ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate along with a gorgeous IPS panel. It will support FreeSync but is also certified by Nvidia for G-Sync. That doesn't mean the other three won't support Nvidia cards too, but previous Dell monitors with VA panels have had issue with them in the past.

Both the massive S3422DWG and smaller S2522HG will launch on May 27, while the S3222DGM and S2722DGM will ship on June 22. Dell has yet to confirm pricing for the entire lineup.

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