Defective Dreamcast GD-ROMs

GameSpot News uncovers how to spot a defective Dreamcast GD-ROM. Full details and pictures inside.


While Sega of America claims that it has tracked down and replaced all of the defective Dreamcast games on retail shelves, we are still being bombarded with e-mails from readers claiming more faulty GD-ROMs. Today, we have uncovered methods in which to spot a flawed GD-ROM disk.

Upon examining a faulty GD-ROM up close, it's possible to see where the settlement process went bad – there is a jagged, uneven ring near the outside edge of the disk. This is where data was not properly burned.

The GD-ROMs are also labeled with a distinct production number that can identify them as being faulty. Although not officially confirmed, and only based on our research, disks with numbers beginning with “92_ _” are from a Sega plant that produced the faulty GD-ROMs.

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