Def Jam Rapstar adds Kinect, drops price

Rap-themed karaoke title now lets users record videos using Microsoft's motion-sensing camera; stand-alone MSRP now $40.


Konami's Def Jam Rapstar launched in early October sandwiched between two music-themed industry heavyweights Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and Rock Band 3. The rap-themed music entry won decent critical praise, and volleys of new songs have been made available for the title since launch. Now, two new updates have arrived for the game.

Def Jam Rapstar added Kinect support with a new patch.
Def Jam Rapstar added Kinect support with a new patch.

Konami sent word today that a patch is now live for the Xbox 360 version of the title that brings Kinect support. Using the tech's camera, gamers will be able to record videos of themselves and upload them to the community.

The other bit of news Konami dropped today was that Def Jam Rapstar's new MSRP has dropped to $40 for the stand-alone product (Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3). It appears as if the $70 bundled controller version of the title would also see a price drop. Amazon and GameStop are currently selling the microphone-bundled versions at $50.

For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review of Def Jam Rapstar.

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