Def Jam: Fight for NY E3 Wall Trailer

Check out the action-packed Def Jam trailer--in its entirety--shown by EA at its massive E3 booth.


Def Jam: Fight for NY

Check out the Fight for NY booth trailer from this year's E3. Click the stream option for a larger view.

Last year's Def Jam Vendetta married hip-hop and wrestling action to produce a game that was, in all honesty, a lot better than anyone might have expected. This year, Electronic Arts and Aki are taking that successful union and expanding on it in a big way with a new sequel, Def Jam: Fight for NY. Surprisingly, Fight for NY shifts the focus of the action out of the ring and away from wrestling a little bit, making it feel more like a fighting game. This time out, you'll be trading punches and throws in gritty urban settings like a hollowed-out warehouse and a subway station. The fight gets pretty brutal, with all sorts of weapons thrown into the mix. You'll have to fight dirty to gain the money and respect you deserve while rising to the top of the New York underground.

No third party has a bigger presence at E3 than EA, and we managed to get a hold of the Def Jam: Fight for NY wall trailer that EA was showing at its massive booth this year. There's literally a multiple tonnage of rappers included in the game--almost 40 personalities in all--including Method Man, Sticky Fingaz, Ludacris, and Busta Rhymes. This new trailer shows off several of the fighters and some of their new fighting styles as well as some of the arenas you'll be duking it out in. If you think the visuals in the trailer are too good to be true--we've seen the game in person, and it does look pretty darn good.

Def Jam: Fight for NY is slated for release around the end of September, so you can look for a lot more coverage of the game before that time. For now, check out a batch of new screenshots along with this trailer.

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