Deer Hunter 4 in Season

WizardWorks and Sunstorm Interactive continue the popular virtual hunting series.


Deer Hunter 4

WizardWorks has announced that it will ship Deer Hunter 4 this fall. The latest game in the commercially successful Deer Hunter series, Deer Hunter 4 enhances existing features and adds a number of improvements. The most notable new feature is the all-new advanced wildlife artificial intelligence that allows deer to herd realistically together, follow established trails, and fight one another in territorial disputes. An improved terrain engine creates atmospheric effects such as rain and clouds, as well as movement of the sun and moon, adding realism to the real-time rendered 3D environments.

Three deer species are included in the game - whitetail, columbia blacktail, and mule. A new antler modeling feature further customizes the experience, and antler racks can be displayed in a trophy room. The game features a variety of hunting locations from across the US and Canada, more than 15 types of sporting arms, and more than 30 types of hunting accessories. A number of vehicles are also available, including boats, trucks, snowmobiles, and ATVs.

The popular Play the Deer feature has been improved as well, and now includes doe that interact with hunters and other deer, as well as antlers that grow with each passing season. Both competitive and cooperative multiplayer hunting is made possible with built-in GameSpy support.

Deer Hunter 4 will be available in stores in September for US$19.99.

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