Deep Silver teases Dead Island 3

Creative director Guido Eickmeyer says "I would not expect the series to stop at this point."


There may be a third installment in the Dead Island series on the way, according to comments made today from Deep Silver creative director Guido Eickmeyer.

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Asked during a Reddit AMA if there would be a Dead Island part three, Eickmeyer said, "I would not expect the series to stop at this point :)"

The most recent entry in the series is Dead Island: Riptide, which released in April. Eickmeyer added that if a new entry were to be made, the game would remain a non-linear experience.

"I would say that exploration in an open-world game is key to being fun," he said. "Size is not the only answer here as not every gamer would like to have a Day Z kind of experience, but you want to feel being part of a world, not a linear corridor of events."

Eickmeyer added that a Hawaiian setting for a new entry in the series "would be awesome," but said nothing is decided yet. "I can only ask you to wait a bit further, then some really nice things will be revealed about the future of Dead Island," he said.

Earlier this week, Deep Silver announced Dead Island: Epidemic, a free-to-play MOBA game set in the zombie-filled universe.

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