Deep Rock Galactic 2021 Roadmap Outlined, Huge Update Releasing In Q3

Deep Rock Galactic will get a smaller-than-normal update this April and then a much bigger one later this year.


Developer Ghost Ship Games has revealed the 2021 roadmap for Deep Rock Galactic, including a major update scheduled to go live in April. This will be followed by another update in Q3 2021 (July to October), which, in a blog post, Ghost Ship Games says "will be huge--maybe our biggest update ever."

The update coming in April, called Update 34: Bits n' Pieces, is primarily geared towards adding modding support to Deep Rock Galactic. Update 34 will also add a controller rebinding feature and rebalance the game's weapons and overclocks.

Then in Q3 2021, Update 35 will add a ton of content, including a new mission type, weapons, overclocks, cosmetics, and user interface improvements. "Deep Rock Galactic is here to stay for a long time--there are no signs of fading, quite the opposite--so we need to think further ahead," Ghost Ship Games writes. "Normally, we don’t even plan that far, but we must also admit that getting a bit of breathing room and time to dream feels and sounds really good."

Releasing on PC in early access in 2018, Deep Rock Galactic officially launched for Xbox One and PC in May 2020. The game sees you and up to three friends work together as a group of dwarven miners, tasked with exploring procedurally generated caves that are full of valuables to obtain and hostile aliens to defeat.

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