Deep Blue Sinks Kasparov

In a six-game rematch, Kasparov loses to IBM's chess-playing supercomputer.


It's been a competition of epic proportions that ended surprisingly for world chess champ Garry Kasparov. In a much-publicized and eagerly watched rematch of man versus machine, IBM's 1.4-ton computer Deep Blue upset the reigning human champion in a six-game competition. During this time Kasparov won one game and lost two; three ended in a draw. He was reportedly tiring, and he ended the last game by resigning after 19 moves and over an hour's worth of play.

The two first met in February of last year, when Kasparov won three games to Deep Blue's one; the other two were draws. Kasparov has said he wants to study Deep Blue's games before challenging it again. IBM is now trying to determine who will play the computer next. One person up for consideration is Zsuzsa (Susan) Polgar, the world female chess champion, who formally challenged Deep Blue minutes after Kasparov's defeat.

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