Decent Nintendo Switch Eshop Sale For A Change

Finally, some good Switch Eshop games on sale.

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Like clockwork, games go on sale on the digital stores of Xbox One and PS4 each week. These sales almost always offer discounts on an array of games you've heard of and might even consider buying. When it comes to the Nintendo Switch's Eshop, though, it's often a different story. Switch games are always on sale, but the games are not always noteworthy. Thankfully, this week's Eshop sale is better than most.

For starters, you can get the devilishly challenging game Darkest Dungeon on sale for $21 (just try to keep your party alive and sane). For a brighter choice, you could try the turn-based tactical game Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for $40, but be warned: it serves up a surprising amount of challenge toward the end. The side-scrolling platformer Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition, which is both bright and approachable, is on sale for $25.

The Switch is also a great console for party games, and this sale features a few standout ones. There's The Jackbox Party Pack 4 ($19), which lets relatively large groups of people play using their phones as controllers. Just Dance 2018 ($35) can help kickstart a party. And who doesn't enjoy a few rounds of the card game Uno ($7) or the classic board game Monopoly ($20)?

You can see more of our picks below, or look at the full list of games on sale for Switch, 3DS, and Wii U here.

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