Deca Sports Updated Hands-On

We try out three more events in this lighthearted Wii sports game.


Our first glimpse of Hudson's upcoming Deca Sports for the Nintendo Wii was at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, where we were more impressed with the massive Deca Sports booth (as well as the dozens of cute ladies on hand giving game demonstrations) than the actual game itself. Recently, Hudson reps dropped by our offices to give us an updated look at the game, which is looking to build off the sporting fun first established with the Wii's own Wii Sports.

With ten sports to choose--from soccer to figure skating--Deca Sports looks like a fun collection of minigames.
With ten sports to choose--from soccer to figure skating--Deca Sports looks like a fun collection of minigames.

In our last look at the game, we tried three events in the Deca Sports 10-game lineup: badminton, archery, and snowboard racing. This time around, it was three new events: soccer, figure skating, and volleyball. Each of the events in the game uses gesture-based mechanics to play. All of them are also quick to play and easy to learn. Two team-based sports started things off: soccer and volleyball. Soccer lets up to four players tear it up on the soccer pitch. You move the players around with the Nunchuk attachment then shoot and pass the ball by flipping the Wii Remote. When on defense, you can attempt to steal the ball away by tackling your opponent by flipping the Wii Remote. Volleyball is also available for up to four players and will challenge your ability to set the ball accurately for your teammates so they can spike it down the other team's throat.

Soccer and volleyball had their charms, but the event we enjoyed the most--and we have a tough time admitting this--was figure skating. Here, you guide your skater along a predetermined path on the ice illuminated in yellow (sort of like an on-ice version of Pac-Man) while soothing music plays in the background. Occasionally, you'll encounter blue circles on your path; when your skater crosses into them, it's time to perform a trick by moving the Wii Remote. Timing counts here: The closer you flip the Wii Remote in time with your skater crossing the path of the blue circle, the better your score will be for that particular trick. One other interesting aspect of the figure skating event was the need to pace yourself--you don't want to finish your routine too early or your skater will be left with no more tricks to pull off when the music winds down.

In total, we've tried six of the events that will be available in Deca Sports when the game arrives this summer. Other events we haven't tried yet include curling, supercross, kart race, and basketball. But we suspect they'll continue on in the casual, pick-up-and-play style for which the game seems to be aiming. With the 2008 Summer Olympics on the way, the timing for the release of a multievent sporting game seems ripe for Deca Sports, so stay tuned for more information on this game in the coming months.

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