Deca Sports Freedom Kinect-ing Nov. 18

Hudson's athletics compilation bundles motion-sensing-enabled tennis, boxing, dodgeball, skiing, more in time for Thanksgiving.


When Kinect launches for the Xbox 360 on November 4, gamers will have a handful of sports compilation games to choose from, including Microsoft's Kinect Sports, Ubisoft's Motion Sports, and EA Sports Active 2. Today, Hudson attached a date to its sports minigame compilation, saying Deca Sports Freedom will arrive for the Xbox 360 and its new motion-sensing controller on November 18.

Deca Sports Freedom offers all the emotional scarring of grade school dodgeball, without those nasty welts.
Deca Sports Freedom offers all the emotional scarring of grade school dodgeball, without those nasty welts.

As its name implies, Deca Sports Freedom offers 10 different sporting events in which gamers can compete against one another. Included in these events are several traditional sports, including tennis, boxing, beach volleyball, and archery. Other sports packed into the game are paintball, dodgeball, kendo, mogul skiing, snowboard cross, and figure skating.

Beyond its single-player component, Deca Sports Freedom will feature local and online competitive play. For an idea of what to expect from Deca Sports Freedom, check out a trailer for the game, below.

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Why are people looking at this game and instantly thinking it is "shovelware"? A shovelware game is a a game with poor quality, terrible value for money, and the developers didn't even TRY to make an effort. Sports compilations do not equal shovelware, but a poorly made one can be one. Shovelware is not specific to any genre, even shooting games can be sovelware.

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If I get a motion-based sports game, it will be Sports Champions on the PS3 or Kinect Sports. The motion sports genre was saturated before motion controls hit the HD systems. Now, things are just getting out of hand. Ah, well. Genres come, get milked, and then go. Remember 2D fighters in the mid 1990s? Extreme sports games in the late1990s? Free roaming, GTA-style games in the early 2000s?

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whatever. MS said "oh there's going to be no shovelware on OUR console". and look what's happend. shovelware on kinect.

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This looks fun for about 10-20 mins then you will never play it again, EXACTLY like wii sports.

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@inferno394 Indeed! The least they could have done was change the graphic design by making it look more real but instead they don't even use the 360's power and keep the lame mii looks. The move sports games does the same thing. Both are just plain WAK and bring nothing new. Just another desperate attempt to cash in on something that has already been out.

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Didn't we play this back in 2006? Wii sports rip off........ NEXT!

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When is the update coming out?

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monson21502 My friend did and after playing it with a few games I wasn't that impressed. However I did like how it functioned with the 360 menu and netflix. The problem that I see most people having is space in their house. If one is playing in their room how big can the average room be. God forbid you decide to play a 2 player game, I can see someone whacking the guy next to them as they move their hands and body..

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@copman221, did you win a free kinect bundle with games like you did with move ? or did you finaly poop out that horse shoe? ive seen you have had alot of big release games early too.. your one lucky guy:P

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Can't wait to see the sales figues when the Kinect is released :)

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sucks this wont be ready for launch. i cant wait to play it

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More I look into Kinect... the more I like it... Hope they don't screw it up!

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Multiplayer Kinect Boxing: Screw the console, just turn around and beat up your friend! :D