DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Updated Hands-On

We retrieve one of the corrupted thongs in Hothead's sequel.


DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

Developed alongside the first DeathSpank, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue picks up where the dispenser of justice left off. We had taken a look at the game last month, but EA was showing off a new level at its Tokyo showcase in Shinjuku, Japan. The level took place in a Wortten (the owner of TGIW) factory, where people go in and never come out. Deadly traps and powerful robots guard the place, but nothing will stop DeathSpank from obtaining the thong of cuisine.

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The story up until now is that DeathSpank must retrieve the various thongs that have corrupted individuals around the world. Wortten wears one of them, and we happen to find out that she's responsible for the disappearance of the locals. It turns out that she leads them through her factory for the sole purpose of cooking them and eating them. While the idea of cannibalism is not in the least bit appetizing, the whole scenario was entertaining due to the funny dialogue and quirky setup.

We started our demo in her factory, where normally, if we were given the luxury of time, we'd go around and collect pieces of flair before the final showdown. In our arsenal was a machine gun, a longsword, a trusty ice hammer (that happened to be the right element against everything we came across), and a monocle, which allows you to use mind control. To help defend ourselves, we had some frozen yogurt handy, as well as a useful item called "hell from heaven," which, as you may guess, rains fire from the heavens when used. The factory is set up in such a way as to cook people, so we had to avoid getting dumped on by condiments and seared by hot plates.

Before the boss fight, Wortten challenges you to a cook-off, as her kitchen is set up like the television show Iron Chef--complete with Japanese judge. You have a sous-chef to help gather the ingredients, and once you've made your dish, the judge decides whether he likes it or not. Clearly, he didn't like the salmon and broccoli combo we made, so a fight ensued. What is amusing (in a sick sort of way) is that while you are fighting Wortten, she heals by eating the corpses of the minions you kill. Eew.

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DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is a much bigger game this time around, with more varied quests and environments to go through. The hot plate section was like something you'd see in a minigame: after you clear the room of enemies, you have to run to the one panel on the three-by-three grid that isn't going to light up and scorch you. If you had fun with the first DeathSpank, there are more laughs and adventure to experience in Thongs of Virtue, which is set to come out on September 21 on the PlayStation Network and on September 22 on Xbox Live Arcade.

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