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DeathSpank swatting 360, PS3 week of July 13

EA flips the switch on Hothead Games and Ron Gilbert's new action role-playing game for Xbox 360, PS3 next month; $15 price point also confirmed.


Ron Gilbert and Hothead Games' DeathSpank has been finished for months, but only today received a release date. Electronic Arts today announced that it will publish the downloadable action role-playing game for the PlayStation 3 on July 13, with the Xbox 360 edition hitting the following day. Once launched, DeathSpank will sell for $15 (1,200 Microsoft points).

DeathSpank has finally received a due date. Like a library book. Or a baby.
DeathSpank has finally received a due date. Like a library book. Or a baby.

Though initially announced as an episodic game a la Hothead's Penny Arcade Adventures, DeathSpank evolved into a full downloadable game for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Along with its adventure-game-style storyline and puzzles, the title features a strong action RPG element, where gamers cut their way through swaths of enemies to gain items and level up. There's also a local cooperative mode, in which one player controls DeathSpank and the other takes care of his sidekick, Sparkles the Wizard.

DeathSpank is the first Ron Gilbert project since the Secret of Monkey Island creator became Hothead Studios' creative director early in 2008. However, it's also his last with the studio. He announced his departure when the game's development wrapped in April. Prior to his stint as creative director, Gilbert was brought in to Hothead as a collaborator on Penny Arcade Adventures.

For more on DeathSpank, check out GameSpot's most recent preview.

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