Deathloop Will Join PlayStation Plus And Get Some Golden Additions

The Goldenloop Update launches simultaneously with Deathloop's Xbox port.


Deathloop is now coming to both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus on September 20. To celebrate, the game is getting a golden makeover in the Goldenloop update.

The launch on Xbox Game Pass was announced alongside the game's Xbox port, but the game's addition to the PS Plus roster is an additional surprise. To be clear, Deathloop is not in PS Plus's monthly roster of free games. Rather, it's available via the Extra and Premium tier game catalogs. This means if you are on the Essential PlayStation Plus plan, you will not have access to Deathloop.

The update itself introduces new tools and obstacles in Deathloop. First up is a new weapon called The Halps Protoype, which fires ricocheting, disintegrating lasers. A new power, equipped with the fugue slab, lets you confuse enemies into fighting each other. New upgrades include the ability to earn double trinkets and four upgrades for the Masquerade ability. Aeon's villainous roster has expanded, pitting players against more enemies. Alongside the Xbox Series X|S launch, the game also now has cross-play matchmaking. That means players across platforms can duke it out in the game's story-integrated multiplayer. You can read the update's full details on the Bethesda website.

Deathloop launched as a PlayStation console exclusive--it was also available on PC at launch. Before the game launched, but after exclusivity agreements were signed, Microsoft acquired Deathloop's publisher Bethesda and developer Arkane, ensuring that the game would, at some point, arrive on the Xbox platform.

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