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Deathloop: How To Kill All Seven Visionaries In One Day - Ending It Mission Guide

Killing all Visionaries in one loop is a tricky feat that takes practice.


The finale of Deathloop, its grand promise, comes once you've discovered how to kill all seven Visionaries in a single day. Executing the masterful single loop as part of the Ending It mission will take a lot of investigating, more than a few gunfights, and definitely multiple loops on the mysterious island of Blackreef, but eventually, you'll have everything you need to put it all together--in body and mind--to kill every Deathloop Visionary in a single day. If the labyrinthine path through the process has you stumped, read on (with necessary spoilers), to learn exactly how to do this.

As best as we understand the inner workings of Deathloop, there's just one way to wrangle all of the Visionaries into the right places at the right times to kill them all without needing to reset the loop. We have individual breakout guides for each of these objectives, so use this as your central hub to bend Blackreef to your will.

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Karl's Bay (Morning)

During the opening scene of a fresh loop, you'll want to head to Karl's Bay to kill Harriet. Critically, you'll also need to sabotage Frank's fireworks while you're there, which will allow you to off him later in the day. To sabotage Frank's fireworks is a multi-loop process, so make sure you're all set there first. Once you've sabotaged the fireworks and killed Harriet, you'll be ready to move on to your next objective.

The Complex (Noon)

Next, you'll want to be sure you get Egor away from The Complex and onto the party later that evening. He's content to stay at The Complex all day and night unless you ruin his experiment, giving him an excuse to socialize. You can learn those steps by following our Lost In Transmission guide. Once his plans have been foiled, you'll be halfway done with the day.

Fristad Rock (Afternoon)

Next, you'll want to head to Fristad Rock to kill Charlie and Fia at once. Like with Frank's fireworks, actually pulling their strings in the right way will necessarily take more than one loop of preparation, so be sure you've first learned all you can with our Afternoon Delight guide.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.
Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Updaam (Evening)

The final piece of your puzzle (albeit not without more prerequisites) will be to head to Akelsis' masquerade at the mansion in Updaam. Aleksis will always be there hosting, but follow our guide on how to identify him under his mask. Frank will always be there too, and he'll blow himself up off-screen thanks to you sabotaging his fireworks display that starts shortly after you arrive.

If you ruined Egor's experiment, he'll be present too and you can take him down any way you'd like at the party. The last piece of the puzzle is to ensure Wenjie gets there. Like Egor, she is happy to skip the party unless you engineer a reason for her to go. For that, follow our What Wenjies Want guide, which, once completed the first time, will conveniently auto-complete in all subsequent loops for reasons that will make sense during the mission.

In summation, here's how a day will go once you've completed all the prerequisite story threads mentioned here:

  • Kill Harriet in the morning at Karl's Bay, and sabotage the fireworks while you're there
  • Trick Egor into attending the party at The Complex at noon
  • Kill Charlie and Fia simultaneously at Fristad Rock in the afternoon
  • Head to the Updaam party in the evening to kill the final four Visionaries: Frank, who will die off-screen, then Aleksis, Egor, and Wenjie at the party

Keep in mind that you can't simply install the game, then perform this feat in your first go. It'll take patience, practice, and an understanding of Deathloop's intricate, interconnected world. But once you do get it all just right, few moments in games are as satisfying as watching the last megalomaniacal domino fall.

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